Hello and welcome to All Pull Bars, my name is Mike and I am very enthusiastic about all things connected to fitness and exercise, especially equipment and techniques that can be implemented in the home environment.

I first came across pull up bars because I wanted to increase the size, definition and strength of my muscles as well as my overall fitness. I was also taking part in Crossfit classes at the time and pull ups are a large part of that.

List of the best pull up bars

PictureTitleTypePriceAmazon ReviewsAmazon Link 
thumb-Authentic-RDX-Chin-Pull-Up-BarAuthentic RDX Chin Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted Chinning Station Stand Sit Dip White
Wall mounted£22 reviewsBuy on Amazon
thumb-complete-chin-up-barAstone Fitness Complete Chin Up Bar
Door mounted££ 25 reviewsBuy on Amazon
Wall mounted££24 reviewsBuy on Amazon
thumb-punch-bag-pull-up-barAuthentic RDX White Chin Pull Up Bar with Punch Bag Bracket Wall Mounted Chinning Station
Wall mounted£ 65 reviewsBuy on Amazon
thumb-klarfit-1Klarfit KS1W Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar (350kg Max & Non-Slip Grips) - Black
Wall mounted££ 6 reviewsBuy on Amazon
thumb-klarfit-2Klarfit KS2W Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar (350kg Max Load, Steel Frame & Non-Slip Grips) - Black
Wall mounted££ 14 reviewsBuy on Amazon
thumb-pull-up-barPull-Up Bar, Mounting without Screws
Door mounted£4 reviewsBuy on Amazon
thumb-pull-up-bar-2Powerbar 2 Professional Doorway Pull Up bar With Resistance Bands
Door mounted££ Buy on Amazon
thumb-wall-mountedWall Mounted pull up chin up bar Rock solid frame holds up to 200Kg
Wall mounted£ 81 reviewsBuy on Amazon
thumb-multi-grip-barMulti Grip Chinning Bar / Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar (Chin Up Bar)
Wall mounted£££11 ReviewsBuy on Amazon
we-are-sports-thumbWe R Sports® Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar Crossfit Strength Training Exercise WorkoutWall Mounted££13 reviewsBuy on Amazon
barbarian-chin-thumbThe Barbarian Extreme Door Bar for Chin Ups, Pull Ups and Fitness Home WorkoutDoor Mounted£42 reviewsBuy on Amazon
tower-power-2We R Sports® Chin Up Pull Up Sit Ups Power Tower Vertical Knee Raise Dip Station Workout BarFree standing£££24 reviewsBuy on Amazon
extreme-door-thumbWe R Sports Extreme Door Gym Exercise Iron Man Bar Chin Ups Pull Ups Sit Up Fitness Home Workout - SilverDoor Mounted££114 reviewsBuy on Amazon
gold-coast-thumbGold Coast Multi-Functional Door Gym Pull Up / Chinning Station.Door Mounted££43 reviewsBuy on Amazon

I only have a small house with very limited space. I also work full time so do not have the time to head down to the gym. Because of these factors I realised that I needed to invest in a pull up bar. I had seen a couple of tutorials and read a few blogs online about the benefits of pull up exercises as a main part of your routine and was convinced that this was the best thing for me.

When it came to trying to figure out which pull up or chin up bar was the right for me, though, I was astounded and rather confused by the selection available. There were just so many and I was overwhelmed further by the fact that there was no proper guide to pull up bars and which are the best for which situations. I knew I had to rectify that and that is when I came up with the idea for this blog. As a guide to everything to do with and involved in choosing and buying a pull up or chin up bar.

Why Should I Get A Pull Up Bar?

That is one of the first questions that anyone I know has asked me when I have been explaining how much I love mine. The simple answer I would give is also a question; Why shouldn’t you get one? There is really no good reason. People sweat and strain trying to achieve the perfect abs and biceps by doing tedious and painful amounts of sit-ups and push-ups every day when really you could replace these exercises with pull ups and achieve the same, or often better, results.

Additionally, there are so many different varieties of pull up and chin up exercises that you can perform on a bar that mean you can target all the main, upper body muscular groups.

A large part of this website is devoted to the reviews of pull/chin up bars and the various types available. Below is a brief review of 5 of the best pull up bars reviewed on here, each of which can be clicked to follow through to the full review on a separate page.

Multi Grip Chinning Bar / Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar (Chin Up Bar) by Fit-Equip


This multi grip wall mounted bar by Fit-Equip is by far the most expensive reviewed on this site. However, even at £99.95 (the price it was available for at the time of writing this post) it is still very good value for money. This will hopefully become more and more obvious as I discuss the bar throughout this review.

The first big selling point is that the bar was designed and manufactured in Fit-Equip’s UK based factory, and it has been checked and double checked to make sure it is safe and secure. It has been designed to easily attach and stay firmly in place on any stone or brick wall surface, both external and internal. As well as including all the instructions and fixings you need to assemble it, the bar also comes with rubber handles which allow you to grip it more effectively and safely. This will help to ensure that you can work out for much longer using this bar than if you were using a competitor’s product that didn’t feature rubber handles.

KS2W Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar (350kg Max Load, Steel Frame & Non-Slip Grips) – Black By Klarfit


The following product I will be discussing is the second Klarfit to be featured on this website. The KS2W wall mounted bar is only slightly different but is still worth considering, especially if the other one is not available and you desperately want and would prefer a Klarfit pull up bar.

As with the other bar from this company, this is pretty inexpensive compared to the rest of the available items. It allows you to easily workout your arms, neck, shoulder, back and chest. There is also the additional benefit that it has two different grips which means you can work different muscle groups with different variations on exercises. This will also ensure that your workout sessions never become stale or tedious.

Wall Mounted pull up chin up bar Rock solid frame holds up to 200Kg by Powerbar Review


The Powerbar wall mounted bar is another model featured on this website that is in the £20 to £30 price range. Although this may seem like not very much money, as I will explain over the course of the review, it is not always the price that you should consider when thinking about whether something is good value or not. Paying a low price for something that has high quality materials is probably going to be a good purchase.

This bar is very sturdy and has a triangular shaped design that is suitable for mounting onto both external and internal walls. The reason, it seems, that Powerbar decided to opt for a triangular design for the bar is because this gives it the maximum level of strength possible, considering how light it actually is.

Powerbar 2 Professional Doorway Pull Up bar With Resistance Bands by Chinups Review


There are a number of different aspects to exercise bars that vary from model to model, but the biggest and most noticeable difference is whether or not they have to be mounted with bolts, screws or other fixings. With the Powerbar 2 Professional doorway bar there are no fixed fittings invovled. You do not need, and are therefore not supplied with, any screws. This particular piece of equipment requires virtually no assembly whatsoever.

In fact, it only takes a few seconds to put it up in your doorway so that it is ready to use. Despite having a completely welded design it can still be folded flat to 30 mm, making it very easy to store away when it is not being used.

Pull-Up Bar, Mounting without Screws by S.B.J Sportland Review


For people who are looking for a cost-effective bar to work out with, please take a look at this review regarding this SBJ Sportland Bar. Although I have previously mentioned on this website that you should avoid buying a very cheap product, if you have experience installing these things or experience in DIY then you should be able to install it safely enough. However, with the SBJ Sportland bar this is not even an issue at all.