5 Proven Ways to Lose Your Christmas Belly!

It’s that time of year again, the one where we abandon our usual routines and succumb to the temptation of food, drink and merriment! It’s great fun, but then there’s the aftermath: the dreaded Christmas Belly! You shouldn’t really feel guilty about putting on the pounds at this time of year, as it tends to … Read more

How Pull Ups Make You Awesome

Pull Ups Make You Awesome

If you understand the incredible power behind pull ups and what level of influence they have on your physical fitness, you’ll agree it’s a nice exercise that is cool and awesome. Even though there are numerous workouts out there, there’s something special about pull ups which reflects in anyone who does them. Simply put, pull … Read more

How Do Successful People Stay Motivated At the Gym

Staying healthy and being in good form is something all of us want to achieve. However, it’s good to point out gym training is never a walk in the park. Many folks get into the gym, put on their gym shoes and begin their workout. Within a few minutes into the workout, every second spent … Read more

13 Things Your Trainer Won’t Tell You About Pull Ups

Pull ups…ah… Most people say they are just too difficult to do. However, nothing is ever impossible so long as there’s dedication and great amount of effort. Considering the intensity associated with pull ups, a lot of people rely on their trainers to attain not only stronger and chiseled muscles but have a well-defined back … Read more

11 Ideas on How to Get Better at Pull Ups

Using A Doorway Pull Up Bar – Guide

You want to get better at pull ups? I don’t know about you, but pull ups are part of my exercise regime. Doing legitimate pull ups affects your body building results. I believe pull ups are one of the most essential exercises and I advocate them to anybody keen on looking better. Forget press ups; … Read more

Why People Are Too Critical Of Kipping Pull Ups

There is a debate that has continued to rage on for quite some time over whether the kipping pull up is actually a pull up or not.  It does look enormously silly and it is not performed in the strict pull up way, but should it really be completely discounted?  In the following post that … Read more

What Is The Best Resistance Band For Home Use?

What Is The Best Resistance Band For Home Use

To help you choose the best resistance bands to help you improve your ability to perform pull ups, we have put together a list of our 5 favourite sets of resistance bands that are available right now. Micrael Home Stretch Mini Bands for Legs, Arms, knee, back, Shoulder, Set of 4 Colour Code The Micrael … Read more

Using A Doorway Pull Up Bar – Guide

Using A Doorway Pull Up Bar – Guide

There is the old saying that “health is wealth” and even though most people claim to believe this to be true, we still ignore it either because of our own laziness and negligence or because of other responsibilities taking centre stage.  It is not rocket science to keep yourself in good health, you just need … Read more

Benefits Of Using A Pull Up Bar

It is fair to say that the majority of us when judging a particular exercise or workout, take into consideration the level of difficulty and challenge involved.  By doing this, we ignore the most important and very basic thing – just because something is complex or difficult, it doesn’t mean it is good for you.  … Read more