As anyone who  knows a thing or two about resistance training, exercising and working out will tell you, chin ups and chin up bars are great for developing strong and well developed muscles.

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One thing that we should clear up straight away before we go any further is the fact that you will probably have come across both chin up and pull up bars. You might be wondering what, if any, is the difference between the two. The interesting thing is that there is actually not much difference at all; they are essentially the same piece of equipment.

The only real difference of any kind between a chin up exercise and a pull up exercise is the grip and therefore muscles involved. Pull ups are done with your palms facing away and work your back muscles more and work your biceps less; while chin-ups are executed with your palms facing you and work your biceps more. But, technicalities aside, they are a very similar type of exercise.

Chip up bars are solid horizontal steel bars that you use to pull your body up with. The fact is that this equipment and the exercises you can do with it are overlooked by many athletes and non-athletes. However, chin ups not only help to build your upper body and back muscle strength, but also help to improve and build up your core strength.

While there are many different types of gym and exercise equipment available nowadays, this type of bar is one of the most effective to use within the home environment. Compared to the complicated gym equipment you can buy these days, a bar for chin ups is also relatively simple to install.

The brilliant thing is that although you are using your arms and hands to pull your body up when you use a chin up bar, it doesn’t just benefit your arm and back muscles. The main muscles that you engage during chin ups are the back and arm muscles, shoulders, abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, hands and forearms. This type of apparatus is so versatile that you can also perform variations on the basic chin up exercise to target specific muscles all over your body.

There is no other type of exercise that targets and stimulates your upper body muscle groups like this sort of bar does. This is important regardless of whether you are training for a professional or amateur sport or just to maintain a fit, strong and healthy body. If you can only allow yourself one piece of equipment it should probably be a bar for performing chin ups.

There are a large number of people who use chin up and pull up bars regularly and experts also who attest to the fact that once you start using a bar you don’t actually have to do exercises such as crunches/sit ups or bicep curls. You can still have abs and biceps that you are proud of by just working with a bar like this. The key to why a bar is so successful is because gravity only works in one direction and one direction alone.

If the only types of exercise you do to build your upper body muscular strength and toning are push ups and other floor work you could develop unbalanced muscles. As well as looking odd, this can also cause you to have poor posture, shoulder pain and even worse. As well as pushing against resistance, you need to pull against it to prevent avoidable injuries and other conditions. Therefore, you need a chin up bar.



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