Dipping stations vary from the different types of pull up bars I have looked at elsewhere in the site. However, while the types of workout they offer are different, dipping exercises and pull ups are still regarded as being closely related.

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The workout offered by dipping is a wonderful exercise for building up strength in your chest, shoulders and triceps. It is all about lowering yourself in a controlled manner between a set of parallel bars and then lifting yourself back up again. The starting position to adopt here is with your arms straight, with your shoulders over your hands. You then need to lower your body while bending your arms until the elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle. You then use your arms to lift yourself back up to the starting position again.

Dipping stations are sometimes included as part of bigger pieces of home gym equipment, while they can also be bought as standalone pieces of equipment too. Some models include a pull up bar at the top and bars or hoops lower down to use for dipping exercises. This kind of exercise set up gives you the chance to vary between these two useful sorts of exercise using the same piece of equipment.

When choosing a dipping station it is important to find one that is sturdy enough to support your weight over a series of dips. The best ones are light and portable enough to be easily moved about the house but are also well enough constructed to be strong and durable. Modern dipping stations sold online will typically state the maximum weight they can support and can be assembled at home very quickly without any special DIY skills being needed.

Dipping Stations

There are also some other types of assisted dipping machines that make it easier to lower yourself and lift yourself up. You would typically kneel or stand on a platform and the weights on the other side of the machine would provide a counterweight to help you move more easily. This can be a good idea to get you started if you feel that you lack the upper body strength for the classic dipping exercise.

On the other hand, it is also possible to make the dips tougher by wearing a special dip belt. This is a sort of weighted belt that makes you work harder on your dips. Some people will use a dumbbell instead, holding it between their ankles or knees to increase the overall weight being lifted. This can be a useful approach for advanced users who don’t feel that they are getting enough benefits from dipping alone, although it is important not to do this type of advanced exercise until you are ready to do so.

A point to bear in mind when carrying out dips is that when you keep a narrow shoulder width this works your triceps more and your pectoral muscles less. As you widen the starting position you take your pectorals need to work more and your triceps less. In addition, your dipping station will help you work out your back muscles and the anterior deltoid.



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