Confidence Doorway Chin Up - Pull Up Bar


Among the most popular and best priced of the current doorway chin up / pull up bars is this one from Confidence.

It can be fitted onto any type of door frame to give you a safe and steady place to work out. Among the features with this bar are non slip foam grips, which are designed to give you a better grip.

Confidence Doorway Chin Up/ Pull Up Bar

The dimensions of the bar are 64 x 5.4 x 5 cm and the boxed weight is given as 1.4 Kg. The bar is made out of high strength steel and it can be fitted onto door frames with a width of between 62cm and 92cm. The maximum weight it can hold is 100kg, which is a bit less than the maximum on some other pull up bars around but decent enough.

The Setting Up Process

The first issue we need to look at is setting up process. After all, this is one of the reasons why many people choose a doorway bar rather than a wall mounted one. The fact that there is no potentially messy drilling work involved means that this is a great choice for anyone who isn´t too keen on DIY jobs.

However, when we turn out attention to the customer reviews online we can see that some people seem to get a bit confused about what to do with the bar when it arrive through the post. The issue seems to stem from the fact that it comes without any instructions. Presumably this is because the manufacturer thinks that it is so easy to set up that no instructions are needed.

In fact, we can thank some helpful owners of this bar for posting on their reviews the details of how to get started. The truth is that it is incredibly easy once you know how. You just need to spin one end until it is solidly fitted, with one end against either side of the door frame. Then you tighten from the middle to make it really tight. The screws that come with it are optional but will help to make it fit even more tightly. Remember to adjust both ends so that the padded grips are in the best position for your hands rather than over at one side or the other.

Of the 126 customers reviews currently on Amazon, there are 73 giving it 5 stars and 29 awarding it 4 stars. This is a tremendous percentage of good reviews for such a low cost product.

The lack of instructions is one of the most commonly mentioned negative points, although as we have already seen it is really easy to set up once you work out the basics. Among the most positive comments we can see that many users are impressed by the strength of the bar and how quickly it can be set up.

Overall, this is a very affordable and easy to set up piece of exercise equipment that looks as though it could be ideal for many users.


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