As we all lead busy lives in one way or another. whether you are raising a young family, on the early stages of your career path, still studying or just feel as if all your time is taken up by work, family and friends; it can all interefere with any plans you may have to get your body looking and feeling stronger and better in general.

The misconception is that you need a lot of free time to devote to working on your body.  While it’s true the more time you spend working out, the better the results will be; it’s not necessar as you will see from the following review of the Extreme Door Gym from We R Sports.

Compact, Easy To Install And Use

The Extreme Door Gym has been desgined and manufactured with you, a busy person who would to be able to workout but can never find the time, in mind.

With just 20 to 30 minutes free a day, you could eventually see those results you thought were only going to come from labour intensive workout sessions at the local gym.  Everything you need can be found inside the Extreme Door Gym’s box.  If you are worried about doing too much damage to your own property or if you are currently living in rented property, this is perfect as you do not need any fasteners, bolts or screw to install it.  You simply hang it on the door when you want to use it, you can store it just about anywhere it is so small and compact.

More Than Just a Chin Up Or Pull Up Bar

Like many of the other items on this site, the Extreme Door Gym by We R Sports is more than just a chin-up bar or pull-up bar.  Obviously, you can perform chin-ups and pull-ups with it, but for the size and compact nature, you can also perform various other exercises to add a level of versatility to your daily workouts to prevent them from becoming stale and boring.

You can use the Extreme Door Gym to work on triceps, biceps, abs, your core and so much more..  Why not mix things up a little and use it to perform push-ups and sit-ups.  There is a variety of options waiting to be explored.

Guaranteed To Last

The bar itself has been built from high quality, robust stainless steel, so If you do choose to invest in this particular piece of kit, you know it will last.  In addition to the assurance of the components that have been used to build it, We R Sports also offer a full 1 year warranty.  So if there is any problems with the bar, you can get in contact with the manufacturer and they will be happy to replace it for you.

Although it may not look like it, the Extreme Door Gym could be the last piece of exercise/workout equipment you buy for a long time.

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