Golds Gym Men's Chinning Bar Other Accessories - Black


A chin up bar with a decent price is the kind of exercise equipment that a lot of people are looking for right now.

This is something that can be used to help you work out to great effect at home with very little financial outlay, so this Golds Gym bar is one that is well worth checking out. The bar has been made out of steel, making it very safe and secure.

Fits a Wide Range of Door Sizes

Golds Gym Men's Chinning Bar Accessories - BlackThe fact that it is a telescopic bar means that it can be adjusted to fit it onto a wide range of door sizes. The length of the bar goes from 26 inches (66cm) all the way up to 40 inches (120cm). There are no screws involved in the setting up process if you don’t want to complicate things, meaning that it is entirely possible to move it from one doorway to another when you want to use it elsewhere. The boxed weight of the bar is stated as 1.7kg.

While you might think that you will only work out your arms with a chinning bar like this, you can build up a lot more of your body than just your arms with it. In general terms, you can use it high to work your upper body and low to give your abs a work out.

There are 24 customer reviews on Amazon and a mightily impressive 17 of them give the bar the full 5 stars. 3 other users decided that it was worth 4 stars and 4 gave it just the one star.

In terms of the comments made by people who have tried this bar out at home, we can see a lot of good things about how easy it is to set up. It seems clear that when you get used to the process of fitting it to a doorway you will feel comfortable about taking it down and then putting it back up again whenever you need to. To set it up you just need to twist it one way to make it longer and the other way to make it shorter. You then place it in the middle of the door frame and increase the length until it is firmly wedged and secure.

The official product information online doesn’t mention that maximum weight that the bar can handle but we can see from an existing customer comment that someone of 180 pounds (81kg) has used it with no problems at all.

The Screws Are Optional

The customers who have left good reviews are generally pleased at having found a chin up bar that is easy to fit without using screws or needing to carry out any sort of DIY work at all. In fact, it does come with screws but using these is entirely optional and most users seem to think that they aren’t at all necessary.

This type of pull up bar is now very popular precisely because of the positives we have looked at here; inexpensive, easy to set up and safe to use. If you want add some pull ups and chin ups to your exercise routine then this is a very good way of doing so.


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