Homcom Power Tower Pull Push Chin Up Bar


Homcom Power Tower Pull Push Chin Up Bar If you are looking for a versatile piece of work out equipment then this power tower from Homcom is definitely worth looking at.

It isn’t as cheap as a standalone pull up bar but the number of different exercises you can carry out with it is very impressive. Chin ups, pull ups, dips, knee raises and sit ups are listed by the manufacturer as being the different ways in which you can work out using this piece of equipment.

Homcom Power Tower Pull Push Chin Up Bar

The whole thing is built from heavy duty steel, giving it a strong and sturdy aspect that inspires a lot of confidence, while the added upholstery and padding has been used to make it comfortable for users to work out for long periods of time. This power tower can cope with up to 115kg of weight and is described as being easy assembly.

In terms of the size of the tower, its dimensions are given as being 91cm (width) 101 to 107cm (depth) and 202 cm (height). The net weight of the product is 36kg.

Numerous Adjustable Elements

Among the features to look out for on this item are the numerous adjustable elements. The fact that there are so many parts that can be adjusted means that it is easy to make sure that it is set up perfectly for your needs and to adapt it to your height. This should be particularly reassuring for anyone who sometimes finds that work out equipment can be too big or too small for them.

The different elements of this power tower include adjustable vertical knee raise pads and adjustable dip handles. You also get push up handles and what the maker describes as a unique pull up bar design. The reinforced padding is placed to support and protect your arms and back, while the tube ends have non slip covers on them.

It looks like a well made and designed piece of workout out equipment but at the time of writing there are currently on Amazon customer reviewers to let us see what other people think of it after having assembled it and used it for a while.

A Sleek but Sturdy Look

This home exercise product from Homcom certainly looks good going by its internet image, with a sleek but sturdy look. If you feel that you need some variety in your exercises to keep you interested and to work out different parts of your body then this is a power tower worth considering.

The low price means that it isn’t going to be a huge risk if you buy one without having been able to read any customer reviews.


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