Multi-Functional Door Gym Pull Up


If you’ve come to this site, it’s likely that you are interested in finding the best chin-up, pull-up bar set-up for your own situation.  Perhaps you can’t justify the time in your daily schedule or the expense for a gym membership or maybe you are just too self-conscious to attend the local gym.  Either way, a pull-up bar can be a great alternative to help you work out and get in better shape from the comfort of your own home.

The multi-functional door gym pull up and chinning station from Gold Coast is one of the cheapest reviewed on this site and on the market, is also one of the handiest, as you will see below.

Versatile Workout Station

One of the biggest and most obvious selling points of this particular chinning station from Gold Coast is just how versatile it is considering how compact it is.  You can literally use it, in various ways, to turn your doorway into a home gym.

For example you mount the bar to the door frame to give you the perfect chinning station for those strength building wide grip pull ups and chin ups, whereas if you place the bar on the floor you can use it to perform dips and push ups.  You can even place your feet, locked in place, underneath the bar perform core developing sit-ups.

Lightweight, Robust And Ergonomically Designed

Despite its exceptionally low price tag, the multi-functional chinning bar from Gold Coast has been designed with you, the user, fully in mind.  Although it requires self-assembly, everything you need is included and there is no need for drilling as it will hang directly on your doorway or door.  If you are worried that it will take up too much space, you shouldn’t as it will easily foldaway and can be put in a cupboard when you are not using it.

With ergonomically designed foam handles that prevent slips and provide you with extra traction, as well as something very comfortable to grip repeatedly and for long periods.

Truly Fast And Effective Workouts

If time is always a factor for you, even in your own house, when it comes to working out.  You may be surprised how little time it takes to have an effective workout that not only targets your upper body and core but your whole body.  With just 20 to 25 minutes workout a day you will notice a big difference in how you feel and look.

Whether you are looking for something to have in your own home or at the office, we hope this review has helped to show you why this pull up bar from Gold Coast is worth thinking about as one of your next purchases.  When you look at all of the points above – the versatility this chinning station offers you, the fact you don’t need to use it for much time in your daily schedule to achieve real tangible results with your body and the price tag, it is clear that money spent on this product worthwhile.

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