Pure Fitness and Sports PS300 Pull Up Station



This is one of the more expensive of the pieces of workout equipment we have looked at on the site but is it worth it?

The first thing worth pointing out right away is that this Pure Fitness pull up station gives you the chance to carry out a much bigger range of exercises than a cheaper pull up bar will. While a simple bar is fantastic for letting you do pull ups and chin ups, this power towers adds press ups, dips, leg raises and ab crunches into the mix. The fold up ab board is an important part of the overall package and adds another dimension to the power tower workout solution.

Work on Different Body Parts

Pure Fitness and Sports PS300 Pull Up Station - BlackOf course, the fact that it can be used to carry out so many different types of exercise means that you can use it to work on different body parts, such as your chest, arms, abs and back.

The various parts of the equipment can be adjusted to make it easier and more comfortable to use for people of different heights and builds, while it can also be stored away easily. The maximum user weight is given as 100kg, which is 220 pounds. As for the dimensions of the pull up station, it comes in at 220cm in height, although it can be retracted to 140cm. The width is 76 cm and the length 113cm. The weight of the product is given as 22kg.

The good news is that it comes with an assembly manual to make setting it up easier. Bolting it all together has been described by as quite challenging by some of the people who have bought this piece of equipment but they all seem to have got there in the end.

In total, there are 13 reviews on Amazon from people who have bought this power tower and tried it out at home. It is a bit of a mixed bag, to be honest. The most positive reviewers talk about the benefits of being able to carry out a lot of different types of exercises, how comfortable it is and how it has carried on giving them good use over a long time.

On the less positive side of things, the quality of the construction seems to be in doubt, with a few users reporting that the drilled holes don´t line up properly or that it doesn´t feel as solid as they would like.

A Tempting Purchase for a Tight Budget

There is no doubt that the low price tag makes this a very tempting purchase for anyone looking for a varied workout at home. Perhaps the best way of looking at it is that it would possibly be ideal for someone on a tight budget who doesn’t weigh too much, as the stated 100kg weight limit sounds as though it is maybe a bit optimistic. If you are after something different, have a look at a dip station.



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