Are you looking for an effective and efficient way to work out your entire body, without spending a fortune and without having to buy a large variety of different pieces of kit and equipment that takes up space you just don’t have at home?  Take a look at The Barbarian Extreme Door Bar.

Multiple-Position Design For Multi-Functionality And Versatile Workouts

Some of the most common problems with a lot of gym equipment designed for use at home is that they are often very expensive, take up a lot of space and only have one main function.  Take a treadmill for instance, there is only so much you can do with a treadmill as it is mostly targeting one discipline.  The same could be said for an exercise bike or even a rowing machine.

This extreme door bar is different in the fact that it offers you a wide range of uses.  Obviously, the main reason you are buying it is because you want to benefit from the effective results regular chin ups and pull-ups can produce.  However, doing just a couple of variations of the same type of exercise day in and day out will not only get old very quickly, it won’t help you target all the muscle sections of your body.

Thanks to its design allowing you access to multi-positions, you can work properly on your abs, arms, shoulders, chest, back and so much more.  Along with standard chin ups and pull ups, you can also use this bar to perform hammer grips, closed wide angle grips, oblique curls and various leg raises.

Ergonomic And Durable Build

Considering the extremely low price, the build quality on this bar is phenomenal.  It has clearly been built to last and makes good use of high quality steel combined with comfort grip technology to ensure that each and every grip is a pain-free one.  If you are going to be using a piece of equipment regularly at various times during the space of a week, you want to know you will be in safe hands (pardon the pun), and it seems with this particular bar you will be.

Can be Installed Anywhere, Easily

Like the vast majority of the pull up and chin up bars reviewed on this site, this particular bar can be set-up virtually anywhere there’s a doorway.  You do not need to worry about ruining the look of your doorway or the structural soundness of it, as this bar has been designed to just slip in and fit in place without any fixtures or screws.

When you look at this product overall, at the price, the ease of use and installation and even the various reviews submitted for it on sites like Amazon, it is hard to argue with it’s value for money.  Spending just under thirty quid for a bar that can help you sculpt and tone your muscles and give you a physique you will be proud of, sounds like a reasonable exchange to us.

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