We R Sports® Chin Up Pull Up Sit Ups Power Tower


Are you looking for something to help change your daily routine and do more for building your muscle and keeping fit, without having to part with your hard earned cash each month for expensive gym memberships or take too much time out of your already very busy life?

We R Sports® Chin Up Pull Up Sit Ups Power Tower

You should consider this dip station from We R Sports.  Although it is one of the more expensive products we have highlighted and reviewed on this site, we think it gives excellent value for money as we hope you will see from the following review

Easy To Perform A Wide Range Of Different Exercises At One Station

We R Sports have slowly been making a name for themselves over the last few years by producing very innovative and user-friendly products that people like yourself will want to use.  This dip station is no different.  If you don’t have the time, money or inclination to give to your local gym and are too busy or self conscious to do something outdoors like running, walking or even cycling, this is ideal for you.  You can work virtually any muscle group from this station using a wide range of different exercises and grips so that no workout will ever feel too boring.

You can work your chest muscles and triceps using the dip station, while you use the Vertical Knee Raise component to sculpt and properly tone your entire midsection and get rid of any unsightly belly bulge you may have,  When it’s arms day, you can use the pull-up station, which will also help you to improve and enhance the way your back looks and feels.  To complete the hard work, use the push-up station to give you a chiselled and balanced looked overall, especially working your triceps and chest muscles.

Built To Last

If you are going to spend just under £100, the product better last a reasonable length of time.  Thanks to We R Sports commitment to building high quality and robust equipment from only the best materials, it is safe to say that this will last the test of time, even used on a daily basis.  It is manufactured using highly durable steel that has been coated with a white powder finish to prevent static electricity build-up, giving it an extra layer of comfort along with the ergonomic shape of the handles and the soft foam grips.

Even if, in the first year of ownership, you find that your dip station has problems, We R Sports are willing to help you out with their 1 year’s full warranty.

Quick And Easy Installation

Although it may look like a complicated set-up from the pictures, this particular dip station from We R Sports is actually very easy to install and comes with a full instructional manual.  Once it has been set-up, it is ready to go and although you may need some pointers, each part of the apparatus is fairly self-explanatory.

As it is in the higher end of the price range, what you get with this exercise station is like having a full gym in one very unobtrusive piece of kit.

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