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If you’re like us, you’re someone who wants to work out when travelling. You may travel for business or pleasure, but you’ll check out the hotel gym once you’ve dumped your luggage in the room! And you’ll also have experienced what we have: hotel gyms that are simply unusable.

Poor hygiene and poorly maintained equipment both often disappoint. So, how can you ensure you book a hotel with a great gym? After all, no matter how many stars a hotel is awarded, that doesn’t guarantee a quality gym experience. You need to have a look at, a great new resource that could be the answer to the problem!

What is HotelGyms? is a clever website that ranks hotel gyms. Simple, right? Here’s a neat video that explains it. The owners were getting sick of finding that the gyms in even the best hotels can be pretty poor. They came up with the idea of researching and discovering which ones have the best ratings, and the website was born. It’s easy to use, clear and concise, and does exactly what it claims to do – tells you which gyms to use and which to avoid. How does it work?

How Does HotelGyms Work?

HotelGyms uses Artificial Intelligence and gathers data from thousands of reviews from experienced users who have tried the gyms themselves. They use four core factors to assess the gym: available equipment, condition of equipment, general working environment, and the quality of a workout in the gym. Each gym is then given a rating – they call it GymFactor.

GymFactor is a rating of 1 to 4 – with 1 being the lowest. This simple ranking allows you to search only the hotels with the best gym ratings. There’s no need to read through loads of reviews; it’s all been done for you! Furthermore., HotelGyms also incorporates a booking portal to select your hotel and book right there. For added assurance, they have partnered with, the major platform in in online booking.

What if there is No Recommended Hotel Gym?

So, you’ve checked your destination, and there is no hotel with a high GymFactor. In this case, HotelGym will tell you about nearby gyms, and users can get great discounts with some of the best fitness apps currently available.

They are also building a database of routes to run around the hotels, which will go live soon, adding another usable and helpful feature to already excellent service. HotelGyms makes finding the best hotel and gym easier wherever you travel. Check out their booking rates for the hotel you want to stay in, and you might find you get a great deal.

Try it Now!

HotelGym is an excellent tool for business travellers and holidaymakers and will always direct you to a place with a quality gym. Try it when you next need to book a hotel, and it will save you a lot of time finding the best place to stay.

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