Free Standing Pull Up Bars

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Gravity Fitness Parallettes for Crossfit, Calisthenics, Body Weight, Dip BarsFree Standing127kgCheck Price On
MiraFit Adjustable Squat Rack with Dip Bars & Multi Position SpotterFree Standing250kgCheck Price On
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The Original Lebert Fitness Equalizer with Bonus PackFree Standing180kgCheck Price On

Although often confused with pull up stations, free standing pull bars offer you much more versatility and are far more portable. Free standing bars are usually build in either a simple frame setup with the bar along the top or in a frame with an adjustable height for the bar, so that you find the right bar height to match your physical requirements and also the kind of exercises you want to perform.

In a similar way to outdoor pull up bars, these are also generally used outside as they are quite bulky, however if you have a big enough space for working out in, it is not impossible that you would be able to set one up indoors. Unlike pull up stations and power towers that people often confuse them with, they are not nearly as bulky and even if they need to be disassembled before you move them, this does not take much time at all.

Free Standing Pull Up BarA free standing bar of his style also has the advantage that they give you more space to work out in. Whereas an over the door bar or wall mounted bar is obviously limited to the space round it, you can move a free standing bar easily so that you never have to compromise on the amount of space you have to work out in. This is really the best way to work out, when the equipment meets your needs rather than you having to meet the needs of the equipment.

The only issue, and I would say it is a small one, with free standing pull up bars is that if you are too rough with them they are not as sturdy a some other pieces of exercise equipment. It can also be the case that if you don’t buy a well enough designed and made bar that it wobbles a bit during your work out sessions. This is obviously not ideal as it will hinder the actual effectiveness of the exercise you are performing and could potentially cause  injury.

There are many good brands out there that design and build free standing bars, but you need to be prepared to pay a reasonable amount. I always find it a little strange that so many people will just pick the first free standing bar ( or other type for that matter) without really giving much thought to researching whether it is actually a good and safe one. We live in a day and age when impartial and informed reviews are at our fingertips by performing a simple search on Google, Yahoo or Bing. This is by far the best way to buy things, particularly if you are buying them online.

If there are a lot of negative reviews and customers speaking about problems they had with a particular free standing bar, in all probability you will have the same experience. Likewise, if a lot of people are praising and giving positive reviews for a particular free standing bar, it is very possible that you will have a good experience as well.

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