What Are The Main Types Of Pull Up Bar?

There are several different types and styles of pull up bars. While the purpose you use them for and the results you achieve in the end are very similar, they differ mainly in terms of where they are placed and how they are installed. Below I have listed and described the main types of bars, which can also be found on their own pages.

Pull Up Bar– This is more of a general umbrella term and refers to all of the different types of bars rather than a specific type.

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – As the name suggests, this is the kind of bar that you can install on a solid internal or external wall. It is regarded as one of the sturdiest and most durable types of exercise bar. If you want a gym standard piece of exercise equipment at home then this is a good choice. This bar can be located pretty much anywhere in the house.

Chin Up Bar – Although people describe pull up and chin up bars as though they are different things, they are essentially the same product. The main difference, as explained further on the chin up bar page here, is all about the way you grip the bar.

Pull Up Station – Rather than just being one bar on its own, a pull up station is normally a small section (usually the highest point) of a larger piece of gym or fitness equipment. A good example of a pull up station is on what are known as Power Towers, fitness equipment that can be used to perform a whole range of different exercises that target a whole range of different parts of the body and muscle groups.

Dipping StationsDips involve lowering your body by bending your arms, before straightening them again and moving back up to your starting position. While this is a different type of exercise from pull ups, it works the same of muscles and can work very well as a related exercise for more varied workout routines.

Door Pull Up BarsAs the name suggests, these are bars that are fitted onto doors. This type of home exercise equipment can be installed and used very easily and quickly. There are different types of bar available, with varying ways of fitting them onto your door.

Free Standing Pull Up BarsWhile they appear similar to pull up stations, these adjustable bars are considered more versatile and portable. They are less bulky than some other types of set up and can easily be moved around the house or out of doors, although they lose a bit in sturdiness because of this.

Outdoor Pull Up BarsClearly the big advantage to this type of set up is that you can enjoy working out while in the fresh air. This makes them ideal for people who don’t have much room indoors or who don’t have a suitable gym space with air conditioning. Alternatively, outdoor bars could be of interest to someone who just wants to breathe some fresh air while exercising.

Main Types of Pull Up Bar


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