Treadmill Speeds and Power Explained

Whether you are looking to equip a commercial gym or, as is becoming popular, build a gym in your home there are some items of equipment that should be high on your list of wants. A treadmill is one of these. A versatile and usable piece of equipment, installing a treadmill in the home will be of benefit to all the family.

However, the treadmill market is a competitive one, and there are several brands and models to choose from. What should you look for when choosing a treadmill? That’s what we’re going to look at in this brief article, so let’s begin by looking at the different treadmill speeds you can choose from.

Why You Should Buy a Treadmill that Goes 12mph or More

The first factor to consider when choosing your treadmill is the speed it can be adjusted t run at. For example, many of the cheaper examples have a setting of 3mph for walking, and 8mph for a run. These are good machines, we’re not saying you shouldn’t consider one, but what if you want to indulge in a simulated sprint? 8mph isn’t enough.

That’s why we suggest you look at treadmills that go over 12mph if you want to get the best out of this item of gym equipment. 12mph is the accepted maximum speed for quality and serious treadmills. Be aware that you may need to pay a little more for one of these than for an 8mph model but believe us when we say putting more of your budget into a high-speed treadmill will be a wise decision. You may also get confused by the power output of treadmills, so let’s have a few words on what to look for here.


What is the Best Horsepower for Treadmill?

The motor that powers your treadmill will have a specific power output. Just like your car, this is measured in horsepower, or HP. Now, of course, a treadmill will not have the level of power your car engine provides as that is not necessary. Our recommendation is that you choose a machine with an output of 3HP or more.

If you look at this handy review of 3 horse power treadmill examples you’ll see that they range from 3HP to 3.25HP, which is more than enough to power them to the 12mph maximum speed we talked about in the previous section. Finally, we want to have a look at budget, as what you can afford will influence the model you choose.

Choose the Right Model for Your Budget

We believe you will need to budget between $1500 and $2000 for a quality, 12mph, 3.0HP treadmill. If this is more than you are currently looking to spend, we strongly advise you move some of your budget from other equipment towards the treadmill. Buy the best you can afford, and you will not regret investing in a 12mph treadmill that will be far more useful and versatile than one that only runs to 8mph or slower.

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