13 Things Your Trainer Won’t Tell You About Pull Ups

Pull ups…ah… Most people say they are just too difficult to do. However, nothing is ever impossible so long as there’s dedication and great amount of effort. Considering the intensity associated with pull ups, a lot of people rely on their trainers to attain not only stronger and chiseled muscles but have a well-defined back as well. Trainers act as useful guides who can take you through the steps to finally succeed doing pull ups. However, in as much as trainers play a key role in helping you shape your form, you shouldn’t completely rely on them to give you all the information you need to know about becoming better at pull ups. As they say, no human being is perfect and therefore, adhere to what your trainer tells you but also, learn to independently research and see what’s out there that will make you comfortably do pull ups.

You don’t have to fail at pull ups just because your trainer didn’t give you an important tip that will contribute greatly to your success. You may never know but the information you discover for yourself is more valuable and useful more than you may imagine. If you’re probably worried and thinking “what is this that my trainer might not tell me about pull ups” keep reading to find out.

13 Things Your Trainer Won’t Tell You About Pull Ups

You Don’t Need Gym Membership

Yes, you don’t need gym membership to do pull ups. It’s possible for anyone to perform a real pull up at home without the help of a professional trainer. All you need is to invest in a high quality pull up bar and make your home your gym. In addition, you can make use of available information about pull ups on the internet to become a pro with time. Having a doorway chin up bar mounted on your door frame in your home is a convenient way to do pull ups as well as chin ups without going to a gym.

Over-reliance on Assisted Pull-ups Isn’t Good for You

People will be shocked by this but the truth is when you’re at the gym, chances are high you’ll get plenty of assistance when doing your pull ups. However, assisted pull ups only slow down your chances and prevent you from being able to do a real pull up on your own without being assisted. During a pull up, it is essential for your entire body to remain tight and any assistance whether it’s from a band or machine completely takes away the strength of the legs and core. When you’re assisted, it’s difficult for you to effectively utilize your back because of a loose core which leads to lower lat engagement. While assisted pull ups play a key role in developmental workouts, you shouldn’t absolutely rely on them only to get good results.

Get Your Nutrition Right

Nutrition is a subject many trainers may not share with you. If weight is preventing you from conquering pull ups, you need begin by getting your nutrition priorities in order to begin losing fat and get back in shape. Learn to tackle one obstacle at a time and avoid going for shortcuts; you’ll only get frustrated. Getting rid of extra fluff and improving your work capacity by engaging in exercises such as swimming, walking, sprinting, sled dragging, using barbell and dumbbells among others will help you be better at pull ups.

Home Practice is Useful

What you repeatedly do becomes part of your personality. Since the time we have in gyms is limited, it makes sense to increase your personal input at home in order to try and get your body in good form. Trainers will often concentrate on your performance at the gym and not what you do at home. Whether your form is on point or not, you need to exercise repeatedly in order to stay in good shape or become better. It’s much more difficult to get to the right form and so you may need more time in specialized practice to master your game. One of the best ways to exercise at home is to practice pull ups by hanging an inexpensive doorframe pull up bar in any room that you pass through frequently. This way, you can do a pull up every time you pass through the door.

There Are Plenty of Pull Ups Apps Available

With the uptake of internet and technology, the app industry has extended into pull up training. Nowadays, there are awesome pull up training apps on platforms such as iOS that have been tested and known to work incredibly well. These apps are a great alternative to gym training and come with plans for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced users. In addition, these pull up apps come with customized reminders and have the capability to handle multiple users.

You can Buy Pull Up Bars from Amazon

To do pull ups, you don’t need the gym pull up bar. Nowadays, there are different platforms that you can buy a high quality pull up bar at an affordable price. On Amazon, there are amazing bars to choose from to make your dream of doing pull ups at home come true.

Maximize Doorway Pull Up – This pull bar is ergonomically friendly and provides you great benefit for the upper body exercises. This bar is also great for heavy duty workout, so you don’t have to worry about your safety and capacity.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower- If you want to have a multiple workout station at home, this is the right bar for you. This bar is developed not only developed for pull ups but can accommodate other exercises such as push ups and sit ups among others.

Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar- This bar comes with well structured grip thus giving you unlimited option to choose a grip that is comfortable for you. Enhance your strengths for your abs, back and chest. The bar comes with a guide that instructs you how to install it and use it at home.

You Don’t Need Fancy Workouts to Increase Intensity

One of the secrets about pull ups that your trainer might not let you know is you don’t need to get fancy with your exercises to boost intensity. To increase intensity, you can simply strap a weight plate on your waist or hang a dumbbell from your feet.

Always Go for Pull Ups not Pull Downs

Do not be scared by a pull up bar if you want to built legit muscles. To have an amazing body that everyone will envy, you need to be faithful to your pull up bar. Even if the pull down machine is easy and comfortable, it’s not as good as a pull up bar. So, never ever replace your pull ups!

You Don’t Need a Trainer to Be Motivated

You can be motivated on your own especially if you’re passionate and set out to achieve something irrespective of the challenges that might come your way. The need to compel yourself to go for an extra push is really positive especially when you feel discouraged. Personal motivation is stronger and if used well, can help you realize fitness goals you couldn’t imagine could be achieved.

Pull Ups Equals Happiness

Your trainer may be preaching to you daily how pull ups will give you a great body but, they may forget the joy that comes with it. You see, the more you do pull ups, the happier you become. This form of workout causes your brain to release chemicals such as serotonin (a feel happy chemical that gives a sense of happiness thus fighting depression, anxiety and mood swings). Furthermore, the moment ladies start noticing those big arms, you will definitely be happy.

You Don’t Need to Go to the Gym Daily

When it comes to pull ups, you don’t need the gym every day. If your trainer keeps pushing you to do long hour pull ups, you may want to think twice. Always remember the body is yours and you can’t build muscles overnight.

You Need Proper Gears

To be successful in pull ups, you need to invest in good fitness clothes and a proper pair of sneakers. Low quality gears can affect your feet negatively and make you get tired quickly.

You May Be Pushed Too Hard

Your trainer may want the best for you but they may push you too hard. If you feel it’s more than you can handle, don’t be afraid to speak up. Pull up is an exercise that you get better at with time. If your trainer expects you to do pull ups like a pro within an unrealistic time-frame, change the gym or do them yourself at home. It’s not worth injuring yourself.

As you can see from the above points, there things about pull ups your trainer might not tell you. Before seeking a trainer for pull ups, know your goals. Furthermore, you may not even need a trainer to learn how to do legit pull ups.



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