Using A Doorway Pull Up Bar – Guide

Using A Doorway Pull Up Bar – Guide

There is the old saying that “health is wealth” and even though most people claim to believe this to be true, we still ignore it either because of our own laziness and negligence or because of other responsibilities taking centre stage.  It is not rocket science to keep yourself in good health, you just need … Read more

Benefits Of Using A Pull Up Bar

It is fair to say that the majority of us when judging a particular exercise or workout, take into consideration the level of difficulty and challenge involved.  By doing this, we ignore the most important and very basic thing – just because something is complex or difficult, it doesn’t mean it is good for you.  … Read more

What If You Can Not Even Do One Pull Up Yet?

Everyone at some point was in the same position and was not able to perform just one push up, let alone 10 or 20.  The main problem with pull ups is that while they are an excellent and effective form of exercise, you need to be careful to execute them fully to benefit from them. … Read more

5 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Pull Ups

Even though the basic methodology in performing pull ups properly is not very difficult, you will be amazed at how many people make the same, silly and serious mistakes all the time while trying to pull up.  They don’t have to be difficult to do, but they do have to be performed correctly. Below we … Read more

10 Great Exercises You Can Do Using A Pull Up Bar

If there was one problem at all with pull ups and pull up bars it’s that they can be a little boring.  We all know the benefits of pull ups and pull up bars and if you don’t, check out other pages on this site.  However, as great as they are for your body, things … Read more