Using A Doorway Pull Up Bar – Guide

There is the old saying that “health is wealth” and even though most people claim to believe this to be true, we still ignore it either because of our own laziness and negligence or because of other responsibilities taking centre stage.  It is not rocket science to keep yourself in good health, you just need to implement good habits in your day to day life.  Obviously, above all else, the first thing you you need to do is ensure your diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy food.  The next thing you need to do to improve your health is include exercise into your daily life.

How Do You Use A Pull Up Bar?

Using A Doorway Pull Up Bar – GuideYou will want to start doing pull ups if you feel your upper body could be better toned, your shoulders are carrying too much excess fat or your chest feels heavy.  A pull up bar is a good exercise tool to invest in as you can set it up in your own home without it taking up too much space, some can even be taken down and stored away when not in use.

Before we go any further, it is worth noting that just how effective a pull up is depends on how it is executed.  If you do not hold a specific posture and grip for a certain amount of time, you will not get the results you want.  So it is crucial that you learn how to use a pull up bar so that you can get the maximum benefit from it.

Our Step By Step Guide To Using A Pull Up Bar

Below you will find our step by step guide that has been put together to help you learn how to use a pull up bar correctly and therefore, effectively.

Stand Straight

First, you need to stand straight with your feet and shoulders a width apart from one another.  Stand below the bar where your hands can easily reach the handles if you try.

Jumping Up

Jump up to reach the handles, gripping at them.  As the vast majority of pull up bars feature foam padded grips, you are less likely to slip.  Once you grip onto the bar you need to lift your feet off the ground and hang there.

Bend Knees

Next you have to bend your knees and cross your ankles.  Why do you do this?  These movements will aide you in maintaining a balanced position during your pull up exercises.

Pull Up

Start to pull your body up using your arms so that your chin is parallel to the bar or above it.

Return To Starting Position

To complete the exercise you need to lower your back and body down to the original position so your legs are hovering and your elbows are straight.

Do Repetitions Of The Above

The aim is to do pull ups repeatedly without touching the floor.  Try doing this as fast as you possibly can and even though you will consider it to be very difficult in the beginning, this will get easier with time.  It is recommended, if possible, that you perform the above workout for around 20 minutes every day.

It’s worth noting, if you want to improve the results and get the maximum output you can, you need to keep both grips a wide distance apart from each other, as this will increase the resistance.  You can adjust both the width and the height of the pull up bar to meet your own personal requirements.


Congratulations! You now know how to properly use your doorway pull up bar. To learn further, click here to know the benefits of using a pull up bar.

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