Benefits Of Using A Pull Up Bar

It is fair to say that the majority of us when judging a particular exercise or workout, take into consideration the level of difficulty and challenge involved.  By doing this, we ignore the most important and very basic thing – just because something is complex or difficult, it doesn’t mean it is good for you.  Therefore, if you are looking just to remain reasonably fit, it is best to stick with simple exercises and workouts.  You may want to take part in cardiovascular workouts such as cycling, jogging, running, walking etc. as you do not require special tools and equipment for them.  You may not have considered pull ups yet, but you should as they are easy and simple to perform and although you need a pull up bar to perform them, you can get one for relatively low price.

Most people write off just how effective pull ups can be and think that it is in some way inferior to other forms of exercise because it offers minimum benefits, while the reality is that those thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.  As pull ups do not require anything hideously expensive or any difficult to hold postures and movements, they are one of the simplest ways to work out your upper body.  As you will see below, there are number health and fitness benefits from using a pull up bar.

Improves Endurance

While body stamina is slowly built up over time, by using a pull up bar you can speed up this process.  Although this exercise looks tough and is easy enough to perform, it is tough in the way it applies pressure to your upper body.  One way to get the maximum output and improve your stamina quickly from pull ups is by attaching weights to either your feet, wait or wrists while you do pull ups.

Burns Off Fat

One of the most obvious, but still worth mentioning, benefits of using a pull up bar is that it will help you lose weight by burning off fat from your upper body.  Regardless if whether you are overweight or just want to achieve a body shape you can be proud of, this exercise is a necessary part of doing that as it can help burn off unwanted fat from your triceps, biceps, arms, chest and shoulders.

Builds Muscle

It is quite common for men to want a six pack as not only is it a sign of strength and good health, but also as the epitome of sexuality by many people, male and female.  However, actually achieving a six pack can be quite difficult, particularly if you are overweight as you also have to lose your excess weight as well as build up your muscles.  This is why many people choose pull ups as part of their daily exercise routine as they are good for strengthening and can help you burn off fat in the process.

Toning Muscles

Benefits Of Using A Pull Up BarIt is a waste of time and quite frankly useless performing difficult workouts and exercises and losing that excess weight, if you are not going to take part in any toning exercises.  After all, it is muscle toning exercises that will help you to add definition to your growing muscles.  Pull ups are a particularly effective exercise.

Strengthens Grip

For professional body-builders, athletes and sportsmen of various other disciplines know just how important having a strong grip is to their physical activities.  There is nothing better, if you are looking to strengthen your grip, than pull ups.  Pull ups help you strengthen your grip because you are hanging from the bar only using your hands to stop you from dropping and then using your grip to help pull you up.

Beneficial For the Backbone

As the back and shoulders are targeted, as well as other specific muscles, when you perform pull ups,  they are ideal for giving your spine more support.


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