Accidents in Gym

The reason why many of us go to the gym is to get healthy, stay in trim shape and have a lot of fun. In fact, over 4 million people in this country who have gym memberships. The problem is that just as the number of gym memberships as increased, so too has the number of accidents people have had at the gym.

It is the responsibility of gyms to make sure the environment is a safe place for people to work out with gym equipment that’s well looked after and trainers and other employees that are fully trained and knowledgeable and hygienic facilities. It is when these are not in place that accidents can occur. What are some of the most common cause of accidents in the gym?

Common Accidents

The majority of gyms have big exercise machines with big components. When these kinds of machines are not looked after properly or used in the right way, accidents with serious consequences can occur not just to the people on them and using them but those who are around them too. This is why it is so important for gyms to have an appropriate amount of supervision to make sure the equipment runs properly and is maintained appropriately.

So, what are the most common causes of accidents in gyms?

  • Defective or faulty gym equipment
  • Poor maintenance or repairs to gym equipment
  • Improper or inadequate instructions by trainers
  • Inductions sessions that are not adequate enough meaning the people using them have not been shown hot to operate them properly
  • Uneven or wet flooring causing falls, trips and slips
  • Gym members not using gym equipment properly, causing injuries to other third parties
  • Facilities and gym equipment has not been cleaned properly that often leads to infections
  • Weights not being used incorrectly
  • Various objects falling down from heights
  • General workplace accidents

To avoid the above, the machines need to be checked regularly to make sure. If they need to be fixed, they should be. When machines are not working properly and are waiting to be fixed, they should be properly marked as such. This is crucial to note because if there was not a proper warning sign and you used the machine and were injured you would be able to claim compensation.

Whereas if there was a warning sign and you decided to use it anyway, you won’t have a case for trying to claim compensation.

What To Do If You Have An Accident

There is a wide range of different injuries you can have if you are involved in an accident at the gym. Including lacerations, heart attacks, back and neck injuries, torn tendons and ligaments, muscles sprains and strains. If you do you need to do several important things. You need to first report the accident, if they are not already aware, to a member of the gym team. You also need to make sure it is noted in their accident book along with speaking to injury lawyers in UK.

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