How and When to Take HMB for Best Results

There are many health and fitness supplements that you can buy off the shelf, but which ones can you trust? The most popular and reliable supplements are those that use natural ingredients of substances found naturally in the body. These make the best choice as they offer no risks and are proven to be safe.

One of the popular choices is known as HMB but what is it, and what does it claim to do? Furthermore, are those claims accurate? We took a more in-depth look at HMB supplements, who uses them and what they do, so let’s begin by talking about what HMB is.

What is HMB?

HMB is the short form for beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid. It is a natural substance found in the human body. HMB is known to have wound healing and muscle base building properties. These properties are what makes it a popular and viable health and fitness supplement.

Over the counter it is usually purchased as a salt form. HMB stimulates the production of proteins in the body and enhances the breakdown of proteins in muscle tissue. It is also found in various foods, including avocado, grapefruit, alfalfa, asparagus, cauliflower and catfish.

So, now we know what it is and what it does, how is it used as a supplement?

How Does an HMB Supplement Work?

The supplement in salt form is added to a drink to be taken before working out. This is the method most athletes and fitness enthusiasts use. What is the result?

HMB works by – as we have said – stimulating the production of proteins. It has been shown to actively enhance muscle strength and size when taken before exercise, and also leads to a lean body mass. Furthermore, it is also known to reduce the effects of skeletal muscle damage that can come about during exercise and it also improves aerobic performance.

As the substance is also a healing one, it helps the individual recover from the effects of exercise that come about naturally, and is reported to help a great number of athletes reach their peak. Interestingly among supplements, HMB is permitted by all of the prominent worldwide athletics societies and accepted as legal by the World Anti-Doping Agency. This enhances its popularity among bodybuilders, professional athletes, and those who simply enjoy a regular exercise routine and keeping fit in general.

Should I Take HMB?

It is notable that HMB is given as a supplement to patients who suffer muscle degradation due to cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases. As a supplement for a healthy individual who likes to keep their body in shape and their muscles strong and healthy, HMB is a good choice as there have been no known long-term effects from what is a natural supplement.

If you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer you should find that HMB helps you exercise more effectively, recover more quickly, and gain muscle strength and size in a more impressive way than without the supplement.

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