How Pull Ups Make You Awesome

If you understand the incredible power behind pull ups and what level of influence they have on your physical fitness, you’ll agree it’s a nice exercise that is cool and awesome. Even though there are numerous workouts out there, there’s something special about pull ups which reflects in anyone who does them. Simply put, pull ups are awesome and anyone who does them automatically becomes awesome as well. For starters, pull ups are associated with strength, stamina and power. If can successfully do pull ups, it means you have all the three most important physical fitness attributes.

Pull ups are not just for everyone, they’re difficult and challenging so they’re accorded special status because very few people have the capability to do them. There is no guarantee that 1 in every 50 people can even manage to do as simple pull up. So if you’re good at doing pull ups, your status is automatically elevated since you’ll command a lot of respect and admiration. The number of people who can do pull ups drastically drops as the number of pull ups are increased. Doing numerous reps is an incredible show of physical strength. With this opportunity, you have the best opportunity to stand out from the crowd. In light of this, read on to find out how pull ups make you become an awesome person and the amazing benefits of pull ups.

How Pull Ups Make You Awesome

Pull Ups Make You Special

Pull ups are all about choosing an intensive and rigorous form of exercise that will make you special. Given the fact that most people can’t even do a single pull up, not many will be courageous enough to come out and take the challenge or try to become better doing them. So, when you grab that bar, you’re focused and willing to test your body to the extreme as you struggle with the first reps, you automatically become unique because you’re ready to do what everyone avoids.

Attempting to try pull ups and strive to become better at doing them already makes you awesome and super cool. A lot of people avoid pull ups and would rather go for other exercises they believe are friendlier to the body such as using pull down machines and rowing devices among others. Therefore, if you can successfully keep practicing doing pull ups on regular basis, there’s no doubt you’re awesome. Hold your head high because you’re among the minority who understand how to push the body to its limits.

Pull Ups Give you Great Appearance

Everyone wants to look great and exercise is one way of attaining great form. Nobody was born with chiseled abs and bulging biceps. Good appearance is a consequence of fitness and pull ups have the capability to get you in the best shape possible. When you become better at doing pull ups, you get really fascinated since you’ll want to become a pro. What is the side effect of doing pull ups? You’ll look cool and awesome! If you’re obsessed with big biceps, pull ups will challenge you to the limits but eventually give you the results you’re looking for.

Attain Powerful Grip Strength

Grip strength is beneficial in every area of our daily lives. Pull ups are excellent if you want to increase the strength of your grip because you need enough energy in your grip to do a single pull up. When you keep doing pull ups, you continuously get trained in achieving a stronger grip thanks to regular pull up exercises. You have to rely on your hands and fingers to support all your body weight in order to do a pull up. This means you are subjected to grip strengthening exercises in an workout that rewards you handsomely for your endurance and focus. When you have powerful grip strength, you can be able to do several exercises with ease which makes you awesome. You can be assured your gym colleagues will be envious of you.

Pull Ups Help with Cardio Health

Isn’t it awesome to be physically fit with a good heart? Pull ups are an excellent form of cardio workout especially if you’ve mastered them and can do them at the required pace. Even though the intensity associated with pull ups cannot allow you to do them for a long period of time, the few reps you do represent a good cardio workout which plays a big role in promoting your overall health. You’re definitely awesome if you have a strong heart because you’ll be safer from conditions such as high blood pressure, heart and artery diseases among others. A stronger heart facilitates the pumping of more blood across the body allowing your muscles to receive more oxygen thus increasing your physical performance.

Better Moods

An awesome person is always happy and appreciates the need to remain joyful at all times. Pull ups just like most other exercises make your brain to release endorphins that contain serotonin which is a chemical associated with joy and happiness. This helps you fight anxiety, depression and mood swings.

Pull Ups are Impressive

Being able to successfully do pull ups or feel you’re becoming better is definitely something to be proud of. People who do pull ups comfortably feel good about themselves and in turn, win the hearts of those around them. Even the big and boastful people at the gym who look down upon you will grant you audience because they know your pull ups capabilities. Don’t forget, ladies love strong men with built up arms. When you’re in good shape and looking impressive, people around you will definitely notice.

Easily Boost Your Intensity

Thanks to pull ups, you get to increase your intensity without complications, isn’t this awesome? Increasing the intensity of your exercise regularly is the ideal way to build muscle. While some workouts may require you to get creative to increase intensity, pull ups don’t. You can simply increase your back exercise by simply wearing a weight plate on your waist.

Reduce Extra Weight

Another way that pull ups make you awesome is they assist you in losing weight. If you are embarking on a weight loss journey, pull ups should be included in your exercises. Although pull ups won’t burn a lot of calories compared to running or cycling, they still do burn calories to make a huge difference in your body. If you want to boost the intensity to burn more calories with pull ups, you need to do more sets and reps faster and take fewer breaks in between.

In addition, pull ups make your EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption) to stay boosted for some time after you have finished workouts thus contributing to fat loss and eventually an awesome body.

Pull Ups Make You Stronger

If you are looking for exercises to make you stronger, pull ups is the right exercise. Doing pull ups will give you strength because they target multiple muscles (biceps, arms, middle and back muscles, hands, neck, abdominal and forearms). Pull ups gives your body free motion thus enabling you to use different muscle groups as well as stabiliser muscles. So, the harder your body has to work, the stronger you get. 

Boost Testosterone Naturally

Having enough testosterone production definitely makes you awesome. Pull ups targets the right muscles which help in testosterone production. When the back muscles are worked they build the upper body strength and increase your levels of testosterone naturally. Higher levels of testosterone mean more sperm production. 

Become Taller

Do you desire to become taller? Well, pull ups can make your wish come true. How cool is that! As crazy as it may sound, pull ups can help a person grow vertically up to 2 inches. People who do pull ups agree that this exercise has changed their posture habits and bone structural alignment. Even if you increase an inch of your height, it’s still better than nothing.

So, if you want to become awesome, you should not underestimate the power of pull ups. This workout can do marvellous things in your life to make it fun and interesting.

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