Why Looking Good Attracts the Opposite Sex

They say that it’s in the first few seconds of meeting someone that you decide whether you are  attracted to them. In those few seconds, you take in the usual facial features that we – both men and women – find attractive such as the eyes, the shape of the face, the mouth and so on, but you will also notice how a person dresses, and how physically fit they are.

Dress sense

Having a good dress sense is really important to attract the opposite sex. No one wants someone who does not take pride in their appearance. One of the best things a man can do is get a custom suit that perfectly shapes their body from a company like Edit Suits Co. These will make you feel more confident knowing that you look great. You know the saying, look good, feel good!


It’s for this reason that a lot of men, women, gay and transgender people work on their body, and their looks and style. They want to be attractive and, after all, don’t we all? We want others to look at us and think that we are suitable, well turned-out and worth a second look, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the time and put in the effort. This is especially so if you happen to travel a lot.

Keeping Fit When Travelling

Business travellers have an extremely busy life. Flying from place to place, attending endless conferences and meetings, and staying alone in drab hotels is not always a lot of fun. Finding time to keep fit in these circumstances is not easy, which is where pull-up bars come in. the portable type you can attach to the door make for a perfect hotel exercise routine, and keep you in trim while on the move.

There’s another area that can be problematic when travelling, and that’s finding company. With little time to spare it may not be viable to check out the local bars for the talent of your choice, but there is a way that you can find someone and have fun, and it’s easy, efficient and surprisingly accurate, too.

Papillon Love is an international dating service for those looking for fun with a milf, a mistress, transgender and more, and is as easy to use as it gets. There are several categories to choose from, which are: escort, milf, transgender, gay, mistress, lesbian, gigolo. How does Papillon Love work? Let’s have a closer look.

How It Works

There are many sites offering local escort services, but Papillon Love is truly international. It’s also advert free, so you won’t get any annoying interruptions. Furthermore, it’s safe and secure, and very discreet.

You enter your location – or destination – on the home page, and then select the category of company you are looking for, from those we listed above. Then, to make things even more selective, you are given a range of other options to choose from, including sexual preferences and expectations, should that be part of your agenda.

By giving you these detailed options, Papillon Love narrows down your choices to people who want the same as you, and who know what you will expect of them. This is a genuine, discreet and trusted service that also includes pictures of the available partners. If you travel a lot, remember to keep fit, and then you can use this service to overcome your loneliness and have some fun while overseas.

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