What Is The Best Resistance Band For Home Use?

To help you choose the best resistance bands to help you improve your ability to perform pull ups, we have put together a list of our 5 favourite sets of resistance bands that are available right now.

Micrael Home Stretch Mini Bands for Legs, Arms, knee, back, Shoulder, Set of 4 Colour Code



The Micrael Home Stretch Mini Bands are manufactured from high grade latex that is free of toxins and soft on the skin.  They are build following strict production guidelines and are very durable, so much so that Micrael Home claim there will be no issues of the bands breaking or snapping.

There are 4 bands of 4 different resistance levels – light, medium, heavy and x heavy and they come in a their own little, handy travel pouch.  This means that regardless of where you are or where you are going, you can take them along to exercise on your terms.

Looking at the customer opinions of this set, it is clear to see that they have been received extremely well.  Scoring the maximum 5 star rating from all 27 reviewers, it would appear that this set are one that you shouldn’t dismiss from your decisions.  They come in very loops though, so they may not suit your needs if you are looking for strip bands.

Atelic® Training Resistance Bands Rope Tube Workout Exercise for Yoga 8 Type Fashion Body Fitness – Exercise Bands Loop with Handles



These figure 8 style resistance bands from Atelic come with handles and one universal size that fits all.  They are durable, portable and will therefore fit easily into your suitcase or bag and are a great choice if you want a full body workout as you can use them to exercise, build and tone muscles in your legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms and so much more.

Again, this particular resistance band has scored the maximum 5 star rating and when you look at what customers have to say it is not actually surprising.  The only downside is that if you are looking for a model that does not feature handles or bands that you can detach and attach the handles to, this particular set won’t suit you.

Topop Exercise Band Kit, Resistance Band Set



This exercise resistance band kit from Topop, is probably the most versatile on our page.  As well as 5 different sizes of resistance bands, ranging from 10 lbs to 30 lbs, it features a easy to use clip system that enables you to clip the comfortable handles to your preferred size of band.  The handles have been made with you the user in mind and are made from a soft foam to help protect your hands during your workouts, by preventing fatigue and cuts as well as absorbing sweat to help prevent slips.

Furthermore, you also get ankle straps and a door anchor accessory, which means you can add a lot more dimensions to your training sessions, wherever you are.  As they pack away neatly, they are also very portable.

This set has also scored the full 5 star rating on Amazon and again, you only need to look at the comments by customers to understand why.  if you are looking to pay a little less than the asking price for some of the others on this page and want a resistance band set that will give your workout versatility, you should give this set serious thought.

Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching Strap with 10 Flexible Loops + e-book & 35 Online Stretch Video Exercises and Pilates Workouts



This elastic stretching strap set with 10 flexible loops from Yoga EVO is perfect if you are looking to use resistance bands to build your muscles and tone them, while strengthening your core using yoga or Pilates exercises; though it also can be used for building your strength to enable you to complete pull ups.

It has been designed in a slightly different way to the more traditional resistance bands in that you have different loops to grip onto and use to stretch, depending on your level of ability and strength.  In addition to the straps, you also get a free boon and online courses that can help you get the best use out of the stretching strap.

Another perfect scoring product, customers appear to agree with the manufacturers about how good this product is.

Aero X Home Pro Suspension Trainer Kit – Home Gym Full Body Fitness Workout + Door Anchor



The Aero X entry into the resistance band market is the Home Pro Suspension Trainer Kit and will suit you if you have a slightly higher budget and are looking for something that you can use in a variety of different ways as it features a door anchor and suspension anchor.  This would be ideal for building upper body strength, as well as the other muscles throughout the body, used to complete pull ups.  The suspension straps have actually been designed to utilise your own bodyweight to engage your body in a full body workout, similar to what happens when you do pull ups.

As this is another perfect scorer, but a slightly different product to the others listed, it means it is down to your own needs and preferences when deciding if this is right for you.

As you can see from the brief reviews above, there are plenty of high quality, highly commended products in the resistance band market.  With so little different in price and even rating, the choice you make as to which is best for you should not only depend on those two criteria but also, as we said earlier, on what you are intending to use them for and the type of exercises you wish to tackle using them.

Whatever you choose, we are sure that with the right motivation, patience and dedication you will be able to use resistance bands to build up your strength to enable you to successfully and safely complete pull ups.

If you have tried to use a pull up bar but have found that you can’t complete one complete pull, there are various options out there for you.  Perhaps the best though is to start using resistance bands to strengthen your muscles in the appropriate places in the full range of movements involved in a pull up.  While weights are a good tool for building and strengthening your muscles, they can put additional strain and stress on your joints, which in turn can cause injuries if you are not careful to always lift the weights correct way.

With this in mind, it is advisable to use resistance bands at home, rather than weights, to strengthen your muscles.  However, you will notice that there is a wide variety of resistance bands for sale right now; so before you buy a set of resistance bands you need to know what is considered good quality and what isn’t.

With this post we are aiming to show what to look for and our top 5 of the sets of resistance bands available at the moment, to help you make a more informed decision when it comes to buying resistance bands for yourself.

What Exactly Is A Resistance Band?

Typically made from latex or rubber, resistance bands come in a variety of different widths and lengths.  When you stretch them in one direction, the bands create resistance which in turn helps your muscles to build up in appropriate areas.  Resistance bands offer different levels of resistance and come in various sizes to help people with differing levels of fitness and in different age groups to build their muscles up.

You will notice that resistance bands come in a range of colours, with each colour signifying what level of resistance that particular band gives you.  If you are looking for a greater amount of resistance you can either look at getting a thicker resistance band or use two bands at the same time.

Resistance bands are normally found in the following range – light, medium and heavy.

Light Resistance Bands

Typically these bands are either red or orange colours and are aimed at both beginners and older users as they only provide around 4 to 8 lbs of resistance.

Medium Resistance Bands

Typically either blue, green or purple colours, medium resistance bands provide around 10 to 15 lbs of resistance are better suited to people looking for a workout.

Heavy Resistance Bands

Usually either grey or black colours, providing anything from 15 to 40 lbs of resistance, heavy resistance bands are perfect if you are looking to really put your muscles to the test with an intense workout.

Before You Buy Resistance Bands

Before you buy resistance bands, you need to consider two things – what you intend to use the bands for, and even more importantly, what type of exercises you intend to do with them.  Are you looking to build muscle mass or do you want to tone and shape your muscles more?  Whatever you decide will and should affect your choice of resistance bands.

Additionally, you should also be honest about the weight you are able to lift, because it is pointless buying heavy resistance bands, if you are not capable of lifting heavy weights.  Remember, the reason you want to use resistance bands is to develop and build your muscle through a full range of movement.

You should always take the following key aspects into account before buying resistance bands –

Build Muscle Mass Or Tone And Shape Muscles

If you want to build your muscle mass you will need to invest in resistance bands with a heavy resistance and do less reps, whereas if you want to tone and shape your muscles you should buy bands with a lower resistance and complete more reps.

Movement Range

What weight are you normally able to perform a full movement range using?  It is pointless spending money on a particular band if you are unable to use it to perform a complete movement range.

Strip Bands Or Tube Bands?

Strip resistance band have a reputation of digging into skin while you use them, however they are less expensive that tube resistance bands.  However, tube bands are more comfortable (particularly when used around the neck) and much more effective then the strip variety.

Attachable Handles Or Fixed Handles?

You really should aim at trying to get resistance bands that come with attachable handles rather than fixed handles, as they give you a wider range of versatility when it comes to the type of exercises you can perform with the bands.

Plastic Handles Or Foam Handles?

While plastic handles are more robust and don’t flex when you are training hard in the same way that foam handles do, foam handles are far more comfortable to grip and hold.

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