Where would you be without your brain?

That’s right, nowhere. You’d not be the person you are.

You’d not even be reading this. So isn’t it about time you started showing your brainsome love?

Yes, it is…

…and you can start right this very moment by downloading Castle Breakout. ‘How does downloading a game help me to love my brain?’ you’re no doubt thinking. Well, Castle Breakout is medieval-based escape room game.

Firstly, you must love castles (otherwise you wouldn’t be here), so your brain is going to be stimulated from

seeing inside the walls of the gloriously rendered castle depicted in Castle Breakout, and secondly, the puzzles, challenges and problems that you will face will in Castle Breakout will certainly test your grey matter to its limits…and it is during these moments that you show your brain the most love.


Let me explain…

Memory: Did you know that problem solving helps to reinforce existing connections and promote new connections between brain cells? Well, if you didn’t, you certainly do now. This results in an improvement in thought processes and mental speed, which, in turn, will help to enhance short term memory.

Problem Solving: We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘thinking outside of the box’, right? This is something that is valued across a wide spectrum of activities – including in the work place. Being able to do this, think critically and use our brains in a creative fashion to solve problems are attributes that are highly valued.

Solving puzzles helps to enhance these. In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, we also learn how to formulate theories, test hypotheses, and alter our viewpoint when our strategy doesn’t go to plan.

IQ: No, it won’t guarantee your membership to Mensa, but it may help to give your IQ a healthy boost. A study carried out by the University of Michigan found that adults can increase their IQ by up to four points by playing puzzled-based games for just 25 minutes per day.

And that’s actual science, not just some marketing blurb to persuade you to download our amazing castle-based escape room puzzle solving game Castle Breakout…

Mood: You know that sense of euphoria when you’re feeling really good? That’s dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls your mood and how optimistic you feel. But not only that, it also has an effect on concentration levels, how motivated you are, and your memory. Every time you solve a puzzle (or even a single part of a puzzle) dopamine will be released, which reinforces the sense of well being and encourages you to keep puzzle solving.

Stress: Although it may seem contradictory, puzzles both stimulate and help to relax our brains. There are fve main types of brain waves, but in the context of puzzles and problem solving we’re interested in only two: Beta and Alpha.

Beta waves are associated with consciousness and a heightened state of alertness. They are also present during logical and critical thinking, e.g puzzles.

Alpha waves are present when we’re relaxing, daydreaming or in meditation. These moments are the optimal time for programming the mind as our memory, learning and visualisation are heightened.

So where do puzzles, problems and escape rooms fit in?

Well, during the aforementioned activities our brain state transforms from being Beta wave dominated to Alpha wave dominated, meaning we’re capable of learning and absorbing more.

Attention to detail: Being able to notice the minutiae is often the difference between success and failure where puzzle solving is concerned. The more puzzles you do the more adept you will become at picking out the minute differences that are required to solve the problem. The more precise and detail-orientated you become the better at problem solving you will be, and this may even transfer over into your job and daily work.

Productivity: Concentration is something that many of us struggle with, but did you know that being happy and less-stressed can help you to concentrate better? When our concentration is at its peak our productivity will also be at its peak, so if you find your concentration lapsing or find your grey matter is struggling then take a brief break to solve a puzzle. This will help to reset your brain, allowing you to attack your task with renewed vigour.

Mental Health: We toyed with the idea of broaching this subject in relation to Castle Breakout as it’s not

something most people would expect to read when perusing information about a game. However, we are all aware of just how important mental health is, so we thought we’d include this.

Research has shown that keeping the mind active through problem solving, puzzles and things of that nature can help to reduce the amount of brain cell damage in Alzheimer’s patients, in addition to promoting the growth of nerve cells and the strengthening the connections between brain cells.

There is also a correlation between puzzling solving and the likelihood someone will develop Alzheimer’s. The longer someone has been solving puzzles, the less chance you have of developing Alzheimer’s.

…and that’s the science lesson over! We didn’t set out to bore you, but we felt it was important to inform you of the practical benefits of playing puzzle-based escape room games such as the ones featured in Castle Breakout.

So what are you waiting for? Download Castle Breakout today and start showing your brain some love!

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