Why Become a NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

With millions of people across the USA engaged in keep-fit and exercise regimes, it’s no surprise that personal fitness trainers are in greater demand than ever. Becoming a fitness trainer can be a very rewarding and lucrative career, one in which you can help people physically and mentally change their lives for the better, and the industry can only grow as more people join gyms and fitness centres. Are you interested in becoming a trainer? Or, perhaps you already work in the field and are looking for ways to grow your business?

The simple fact is that when people sign up for personal fitness training, they look for a trainer with who they can engage, form a working relationship and – perhaps more than anything else – trust to put together a workable plan for them, and help them through the routine. It can be difficult when starting a training regime, so they need someone who understands what they are looking for, and who can take them to the level they need to be. How do you ensure that you can imbue this trust in your clients?


There are a number of certification courses you can take that will give you accreditation to become a professional trainer, but we strongly recommend you check out the  NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer programmes, as this is a body that has trained many professionals who are now building businesses that are popular and trustworthy. Why NESTA?

First and foremost, NESTA is an accreditation that is accepted across the world, and is also surprisingly well-priced. Furthermore, your certificate is valid for four years – most of the similar courses offer only two years – and is widely recognised in the industry. Furthermore, while many such courses get you ready to perform as a personal fitness trainer – and do it very well – the NESTA course also gives you a strong grounding in business, which is where many trainers fall down.

You will learn about sales and networking, online marketing and using social media, as well as opportunities for online coaching which can be very lucrative, and you will also find that the support you receive is superb and lasts a lifetime. All training is carried out online, so there are no travel costs involved.

Choose Your Course

NESTA offers a variety of options in terms of the content of your course and your payment plan. For example, you can study for the PFT Certification Exam and pay over 4 months or as one payment, or you can study just for the exam itself – a no frills package that comes at an excellent price – and get going as soon as you qualify.

With all your study material provided when you sign up, and many satisfied clients having already found this a comprehensive way to qualify and get your certificate, NESTA is the best way to become a professional personal fitness trainer, so get in touch now and you’ll soon be on the way to a fast-growing business.

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