Choosing a CBD Oil Brand You Can Trust

One of the biggest problems when working out and keeping fit is the possibility of injury. After all, accidents happen, and even the most minor injury can lead to considerable pain. CBD oil has come under much scrutiny of late, thanks to its know pain-relief properties, but what is it, and is it right – or indeed legal – for athletes?

CBD is short for cannabidiol; this is a compound – one of many, in fact – that is extracted from the cannabis plant. The benefits of CBD are still being researched, but so far it has been proven to act as a pain reliever. In fact, it is legally prescribed in some places to sufferers of chronic pain.

Is it OK for home use? There is still some confusion as to CBD and its properties, largely thanks to it being a cannabis-related product. To allay your fears, CBD oil – or indeed any other CBD product – will not get you ‘high’. That effect is provided by the psychoactive element in cannabis, THC, which is not present in CBD, or is there only in trace elements.

So, we know it is safe, natural, and an effective pain reliever, so should you be taking it to help with your pain?

Reputable Source

One of the problems in a fast-growing market – and the CBD market is expanding very quickly as more suppliers seek to exploit the potential – is that you may find sub-standard, or even fake, products sold to you. This has been known to happen, with poor quality CBD coming in from China, for example.

CBD needs to be grown in specific conditions, tested for purity and also grown from a certain strain of cannabis – known as industrial hemp – to be legal and completely safe. This is why we strongly recommend that should you be looking for CBD products you choose a company with strict selection criteria such as for the Ageless to ensure you are buying high quality CBD oil.

For the Ageless offers a range of CBD products that are guaranteed organic and fully tested, so you can be sure of getting what is a genuine and trusted product.

Other Benefits of CBD Oil

For athletes and those of you who are into your fitness training there are other known benefits to CBD oil that may be of interest. It is known to reduce inflammation – so if you suffer from this problem CBD oil is worth checking out – and it can help if you have problems in the digestive system. Perhaps most beneficial of all, however, is the fact that CBD oil is proven to help you sleep, and every athlete knows how important sleep can be in the overall scheme of things.

The use of CBD oil may be in its infancy, but popularity is growing very quickly in all areas where it offers benefits. Check out for the Ageless now and take advantage of great products with sensible shipping costs, and a guarantee of quality, organic and safe CBD oil.

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