Find the Right Life Coach for You

Life is a complex journey. We begin it without a care in the world, yet later in life it becomes a catalogue of worries. Some of these worries are easily solved, but there are more troublesome, deeper problems we encounter that have more to do with ourselves than we may imagine. This is because, quite simply, we – in general – do not know or understand ourselves very well at all. There is a more complex you inside you -some people refer to it as the ‘authentic self’ – and it exerts an influence on you without you knowing. It’s all about distinguishing between the conscious and the unconscious, and knowing that it is the latter that makes all the important decisions.

Let’s consider your professional life: you have a decent job, you’re doing OK, but you know you can be doing better. Yet every time a promotion comes up, or a different job that you know you could do comes about, something inside you tells you it’s easier to just stay as you are. It’s less trouble, it’s less stress, and you lose the confidence to make that jump. That’s you, inside, having doubts with the you on the outside. This is the sort of problem that a life coach can help you understand and overcome.

Why Life Coaching?

The last sentence above is important: if you decide to take on the services of a life coach, their job is to help you understand how to overcome these problems. They do the groundwork, educate you on who you are and why you are faltering, and give you the mental tools to get through any barrier that may be hindering you. In the example above, it could be that a past attempt at promotion went wrong and caused you a lot of upset, and you don’t want to go through that again. That emotional baggage is still hindering you – a life coach will show you how to break through that barrier, and move on.

There are many life coaches in Los Angeles who specialise in different areas, and some who offer broader experience, and each will be able to show you how to get over what is holding you back, both professionally and in your personal life. If you are shy and introverted, you can learn how to push through; if you are anxious in social situations, they can teach you how to access the inner you that will overcome that anxiety. It’s a long journey, but one that will open up a new world of possibilities for you.

Finding the right life coach is important, and you may even choose to go through your coaching with an online life coach, so we recommend you take the time and check out those we have linked to, as they are the best in the business. Find one you are comfortable with, who has the right level of empathy with you, and you can begin a journey that may well change your life for ever.

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