Healthy Snacking and High Protein Nutrition – What You Need to Know

There’s always a time when you begin to feel hungry, yet you’re between meals and its not good to snack! The truth is that active people especially need to keep up an intake of protein, and high protein snacks are actually a good thing if controlled and eaten sensibly. We’re not saying snack when you want, but you can eat a small snack between meals without the fear of putting on weight, and it can be good for your health.

What sort of snacks are we talking about? There are many different foods that count as high-protein snacks, and many of these are very simple and extremely tasty. We’ve looked at some that are easy to make, good for you and that also transport well and don’t take up much space, so they make excellent portable snacks for taking to work or on long journeys. There’s bound to be something here you like, so let’s get down to business!

Some Tasty High Protein Snacks

The problem with many snacks is that they contain a lot of sugar and refined carbs. This is what leaves you craving more snacks once you have had one! The beauty of high protein snacks is that they don’t have this effect, and they leave you feeling full and content. Here’s a few to start with;

Tuna – a great choice of snack that is at once healthy and very tasty indeed. Tuna contains large amounts of protein so will help you feel full very quickly, and is also rich in a variety of other nutrients such as selenium, vitamin B and more. Great in tub on its own, it’s a good choice of snack.

Protein Bars – there are a variety of different protein bars you can buy that make excellent snacks, especially for when travelling. Keep a couple in your bag or purse for those occasions when you find you are craving food, and you have among the healthiest snacks around, and very tasty too.

Hard Boiled Eggs – in many ways, eggs are the perfect snack, and hard boiled eggs are great for carrying around as a snack. Did you know that a single, standard-sized egg contains as much as 6gm of protein? That’s enough to keep you happy and fed until your next meal, and there’s plenty of other nutrients  in eggs too.

Apples and Peanut Butter – a great tasting snack that uses two food rich in the right proteins and nutrients, you can’t go wrong by combining apples and peanut butter. There’s something amazingly tasty about this combination, and it’s cheap and easy too.

The above are just a few of the extremely nutritious, high-protein snacks that you can carry with you and make sure you are never left feeling hungry, and if you follow up with some further research, you will find there are many more. Make sure you stay away from sugar-rich snacks, stick to high-protein, and you’ll be able to enjoy a snack when you feel the need!

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