Tips For Choosing a Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are extremely popular and have been for several years, especially as celebrities like Kim Kardashian swear by them. They are used to sculpt a more desirable waist and function like an updated form of traditional corsets. If you are looking for an hourglass figure, a waist trainer may help you by accentuating your buttocks, shaping your waist and boosting your bust.

As the demand is high for waist trainers, there is a huge variety of different products available, all claiming to be the best. How then do you choose the right one for you? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the manufacturers say and what customers say, you need to choose the right garment for you personally. We hope the list of tips we’ve put together below helps you.


While it’s true that to get that hourglass figure, you need a waist trainer that fits tightly for it to produce the desired effect, it also needs to be comfortable. You need to be able to breathe unrestrictedly and should not feel any pain.


Once the waist trainer you choose starts working properly and having an effect on your body shape, your waist will reduce. This means that you will need to switch to a smaller size. Which is why it’s a cost-effective idea to pick a waist trainer that offers adjustability from the start so that you can tighten it as your shape improves.

High-Quality Fabric

As with any kind of shapewear or underwear, the material and fabric used in a waist trainer are crucial. It should be of the highest quality you can afford and offer durability, comfort and a smooth feeling against your skin. You need to avoid any fabrics that are likely to irritate your skin or feel too warm. Although cotton will not irritate, satin offers a higher level of quality and comfort. Spandex, it’s fair to say, is more affordable, but can be difficult to wear.

Your Body Shape

You need to honestly assess your body shape before you buy a waist trainer. If you have a long torso, it is not advisable to purchase a compact waist training belt as it will not provide you with the appropriate amount of coverage. If you are a plus size or tall woman, you would be better choosing an adjustable and long waist trainer.

Consider Your Personal Gaols

It is important to think carefully about the gaols you are looking to achieve wearing a waist trainer, before choosing one. Everyone has different needs and goals. Whereas some people invest in one to help them with weight loss, others use them for the temporary effects they can have on their figure.

Are you just looking to hide some of those annoying imperfections so you can wear that stunning dress to that social gathering? Pick a waist trainer that’s a more concealable and lighter affair. However, if you are looking to lose weight and train your waist, choose one that will offer you a tight, but comfortable fit.

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