Horse Riding Risks that You can Avoid with Safety Stirrups

If you enjoy horseback riding, then you understand the importance of safety stirrups. Horseback riding is not only popular among adults and kids, but it also comes with mental and physical benefits. What’s more, you get to spend some time on the farm marveling at nature and enjoying some fresh air.

While this activity can be fun, numerous safety risks come with grooming and riding horses. Horses are large prey animals, and while they are usually friendly and mellow, they often get scared, which can result in accidents. Read on to understand the safety risks you should beware of when riding a horse.

Falling Off the Horse

Riding a horse can only be safe if you do not fall off. However, every horse rider falls off at some point during the activity, especially for frequent riders. You can fall off due to various reasons. For example, you can lose balance, and sometimes the horse may take an unusual step when it gets scared. Some horses may display funny behavior like bucking, which can result in a fall.

If you participate in eventing and showjumping then you will be more likely to fall off because these are extreme sports. Further, the execution of these activities is done at a higher speed compared to other horse riding sports. How can you protect yourself from suffering injuries? Read on to find out.

Have safety stirrups, also known as release stirrups. These devices help free your foot fast in the event of an accident. There are various types of stirrups, which include:

  • Breakaway stirrups
  • Peacock stirrups,
  • Magnetic stirrups
  • Bent leg stirrups
  • Always wear a helmet regardless of the horse riding activity you are doing.
  • Have a safety vest always. Hit-Air vests, for example, are ideal for all riders.
  • Accidents can Happen During Grooming.

Did you know that an accident can occur during the horse grooming process? Your horse can bite, step on you, or kick you. If the horse gets scared, it can even run over you. While these things hardly happen, you will need to know about them during grooming. You can prevent grooming-based accidents with the following safety measures.

  • Avoid walking behind your horse.
  • Wear safety gloves to safeguard your hands from burns.
  • Does your horse bite? If it does, avoid its head where possible.
  • Make sure your shoes have iron protection above the toes. Safety stirrups will come in handy.
  • Always Stick to Safety Measures

Once you venture into horse riding, your instructor will teach you how to take the appropriate safety precautions. You will learn how to mount your horse, groom, ride, and walk the horse safely.

Remember, all horses are wild animals, and while they have been tamed for years, they will always run when scared. Horses can also weigh up to 1000 pounds. If you have to ride a horse safely, you need to adopt the proper safety measures.


·       Is Horseback Riding Risky?

Horseback riding is always risky, but taking lessons with properly trained horses and an experienced instructor reduces these risks. You should always adopt the safety measures we have discussed here to be safe.

·       Is Horseback Riding Ideal for Children?

Horseback riding is ideal for children as it teaches them humility, responsible, and focus. It also enhances strength, balance, and coordination. Kids can start training on ponies under the strict supervision of an experienced instructor. Children should always wear a safety vest and helmet during the horse grooming process.

·       What Happens if I Fall Off?

Nearly every horseback rider will fall off at some point. However, many times you will only get a few bruises. To protect yourself, you should always wear safety stirrups, a helmet, and a safety vest.


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