How to Choose the Best Mass Gainer?

Do you work out and count calories in your attempts to bulk up only to find that you are not achieving as good results as you hope? That’s when you need a bit of extra help from mass gainers. With so many on the market right now, though, you may wonder which is the best to invest your hard-earned money in to get those unbelievable results.

That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in the following post – how to choose the best mass gainers.

Calorie Count

As you may already be aware, if you take in too many calories, you will end up increasing your body’s fat levels, rather than your body’s muscle size. Therefore, it’s important to get the right number of calories every day,

What you need to realize is that not all mass gainers are made equally, and they all have different volumes of calories in their formulas. So be sure to thoroughly read through the nutritional information, so you can figure out how many calories a particular mass gainer is going to supply you with each serving.

If you really want to watch your calorie intake, you might want to assess the number of calories you consume from food in comparison to how much you get from your mass gainer.

Amount of Fat

Fats are extremely calorie-dense. In fact, they are about twice or even more dense than carbs and protein. The best of the best mass gainers are the ones that have 1 or 2g of saturated fats in every serving. Stay away from any that have over 5g of fat calories in every serving.

Amount of Sugar

Without a doubt, one of the easiest and quickest ways to add calories to your mass gainer is with extra sugar. The thing you need to know is, if you buy high quality and reputable mass gainer, it will only provide you with clean calories from complex carbs and proteins. There won’t be any additional sugar in the mix or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavorings.

Digestive Enzymes

Do you tend to get bloated without much effort? It’s best to pick out a mass gainer with a generous supply of digestive enzymes. These important enzymes help to break down the polymeric macromolecules into much smaller building blocks and support the digestion process to stop you from feeling discomfort after you’ve taken your mass gainer.

Aside from these important benefits of this ingredient, these enzymes can also help with your body’s absorption of nutrients and supply the necessary fuel for your body to handle the intense workout sessions you want to put it through.

The ratio of Proteins to Carbs

Finally, the last thing you need to look for when choosing a mass gainer is that it has the right ratio of protein to carbs. The formula you should be looking for is 3 carbs to every 1 protein. You should also look for complex carbs as these take longer and require more effort to digest.

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