How You and Your Clients Can Benefit from the NESTA Battling Ropes Coach Certification

Are you a personal trainer who is looking to find a creative edge to add to your services and really help your clients achieve the best they can? Have you ever seen videos or maybe at other gyms and workout centers, those guys and gals working with big huge ropes? Like they do when training for strongmen competitions? Well, you can actually learn how to train with those ropes, known as battling ropes and achieve the Battling Ropes Coach Certification, which enables you to pass on what you learn to your clients, regardless of what age, gender or health background they have.

What Makes the NESTA Battling Ropes Coach Certification Course Stand Out?

As well as getting the experience and expertise that NESTA is known for with any of our certification programs, you get the benefit by signing up for our special battling roping training course of being taught by a true legend. The course has been devised by John Brookfield. Who is John Brookfield, you may be wondering? John Brookfield is a respected coach, multiple world record holder, strongman, and author of the incredibly popular and practical Mastery of Hand Strength book. 

He spent the best part of a year developing the system he teaches in the course to use himself. It helped him to push his stamina and strength to new levels, even at 53 years old. Following his own successes, he decided to use a basic version to his friends, and then onto our course.

What You Can Learn

By learning the Battling Ropes System for yourself first, you will be better able to sustain a higher velocity over time. Velocity is not just about speed, but strength too. As a result, you will become quicker and stronger as you follow the system.

Thanks to the training concepts you learn, you will have the ability to compete or train to a higher intensity than ever before. The great thing is that it can either be used on its own or with additional training methods you like using. 

Different Powerful Concepts

The system incorporates different concepts, power phase, push/pull strength, strength endurance, and velocity, along with team and partner training methods. With it, you will have the knowledge, skill, and tools to train up yourself and anyone else you work with, whether its teams, groups or individual clients. It is incredibly productive, fun and crucially, safe.

It doesn’t matter what age or gender your clients or the people you work with are, as battling ropes has been developed to be safe and effective for all. The truly wonderful thing is that although you may get a handle on the basics, you can never truly master, so you and anyone else you train will continue to learn, improve and be constantly challenged to become better both mentally and physically.

Why Choose NESTA For This Course?

By choosing to obtain this certification in battling ropes through NESTA you get the benefit of a system that involves 100% training conducted online. Rather than having to meet specific deadlines like a traditional course, you can work to your own pace and have free access to everything from the start. While you will be sent out a digital certificate when you pass the final exam, you can also order a physical one if necessary. 

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