Introducing the RBT Mouse To Combat and Alleviate Carpal Tunnel Pain and Problems

Losing grip power is no fun. In business, weakness in a handshake senses a signal to the other person that you’re either lacking in dominance and confidence, insincere, or all three. If like many people, you love going to the gym and do a lot of strength training to get stronger, then your grip is very important. While it’s possible to suffer from injuries when you are working out, what if something you do outside of the gym causes you problems. In the office, for instance?

When Office Work Interferes With Gym Work

What if your hand hurts because your finger movements somehow tear down the inside tendons when using a computer mouse 8 hours a day at work? Habit decides health, good habits build stronger health while bad ones produce bad health. Bad mouse click habits using the third knuckle tear down those tendons inside the palm and accumulate pressure in the carpal tunnel, eventually putting your entire wrist on fire. Who cares about office right? We love the gym!

This is where it all comes full-circle, though. What if a carpal tunnel injury from office work can break your grip power and sabotage your work outs during curls and weight lifting? That could throw you off from your targets and goals. This is something that many people face, every day.

Introducing the RBT Mouse

That’s why I want to bring to your attention this incredible new unintended work out equipment; the Right ‘Bove Touch mouse, its design is like a mini-exercise machine that lets you constantly work out your forearm, and it just so conveniently gets rid of Carpal Tunnel Symptoms that you would have otherwise gotten, if not already have, from using other mouse products.

Weightlifting and wrist exercises are great for Carpal Tunnel, but this mouse just made wrist injury prevention so much easier. Made by a company called QuadraClicks, their founder Qeric Koten designed this device to fix his own Carpal problem. It worked like a charm, and now he’s doing what he can to make the RBT mouse available to anyone that needs it.

But, How Does it Work?

To avoid the issues outlined above, the designers have moved the mouse contact points so that it is your second knuckles and not your fingerprints that operate it. As soon as you switch from using a more conventional mouse to the RBT mouse, the affected, injured areas can start healing. They have found that when people have switched to this special design of the mouse, they can return to work immediately.

Scientifically Approved and Validated

The company found and contacted a doctor called Dr. Maik Zannakis, who practices under the name of Dr. Z, who specializes in bioengineering and neurophysiology and who is considered to be an expert in carpal tunnel conditions. He comprehensively evaluated the RBT mouse and provided a thorough report that validated its design. So, when you invest in an RBT mouse from QuadraClicks, you know it has medical backing.


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