A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Personal Trainer for You

So, you want to work out, but want to do it with the purpose of achieving something. That is why you are now considering the possibilities of hiring a professional to switch your training up a notch or three. With so many different personal trainers all claiming to be ‘the best’ out there, how do you choose the best one for you?

In the following post, we will discuss some quick and easy tips to follow when looking at different trainers to choose the one that will work best for you.

Ask for References

One of the most crucial points of interest for you when you are interviewing and looking at personal trainers should be how successful or not they may have been in the past. The best way to find this out is to ask for references of people they are either currently working with right nor or who they have worked with in the past. This will help you to have a clearer view of whether their sales pitch of being effective and good at their job is true or not.

Check their Credentials

It makes perfect sense to check whether a personal trainer is qualified to perform that role, doesn’t it? When you train with someone, to a certain extent you are putting your body, health and fitness in their hands. You will want to be sure that they have the necessary qualifications and are a member of any regulatory body there might be for personal trainers in your local area or country.

Consider Their Style of Training

All personal trainers have their own unique approach and style, and just because it works well with some people, it doesn’t mean it will with you. Therefore, you need to think about what kind of training you want to do, what your goals and aspirations are for your training and find the individual that will help you meet them. If you do not need to be micromanaged at every turn, you will probably prefer a more relaxed trainer, or if you are very unhealthy or just lacking in confidence, you may have more success with an encouraging warmer trainer instead of a drill sergeant-style trainer.

What Is Their Speciality?

Just as all trainers have different techniques and styles, they also have different disciplines that they are better able and more qualified to help you with. For example, you wouldn’t choose a marathon/endurance race trainer if you wanted to improve your speed over a shorter distance; just as a triathlon trainer would not be suitable necessarily if you are just looking to shed a few pounds. Look for the trainer that specialises in the type of training you want to do or need to do (if you have a specific goal in mind).

Make Sure They Are Available

One thing that is often overlooked until last minute when people are looking at personal trainers is the availability of individuals. There is no point, though, looking at a personal trainer and getting excited at the prospect of working with him or her only to discover they only have available spots on weekday evenings…the one time when you are not able to commit to sessions. Before settling on a trainer, look at their schedule and see if it matches up with yours.

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