Supplements For Bodybuilding

If you’re a bodybuilder and exercise regularly, you want to be certain you’re getting the most out of your workout. The saying that bodybuilding is 50% workouts and 50% diet is absolutely true – you can’t just workout and hope to see results without eating right! Imagine your body like a car – if you don’t fuel it properly, it won’t run well. What’s more, you won’t see the results in your body without the right diet and supplements.

The goal of any bodybuilder is to gain muscle – having a health amount of muscle allows you to perform to the best of your abilities and will give you an amazing figure! To gain muscle, you basically have to eat more calories than you burn, and consume more protein than you break down (in addition to working out and challenging each muscle group).

It’s possible to do this without taking dietary supplements, but supplements certainly make it easier!

Here we’ll outline some of the best supplements for you which you can get from here


Creatine is a naturally occurring molecule in your body that provides energy for your muscles. Taken as a supplement, it can increase creatine content by up to 40%! This means you’ll be able to gain muscle quicker and your muscles will be stronger, too. There is also evidence to suggest that creatine increases water content in your muscles, causing them to swell and grow, and increases hormone levels like IGF-1 which are involved in muscle growth.

Best of all, it’s a very safe supplement to take.

Protein Supplements

As we all know, getting enough protein is crucial for gaining muscle. You need to consume more protein than your body breaks down through natural processes, and this might be a struggle if you can’t eat enough food!

That’s where protein supplements come in. There are many different supplements out there, but some of the most popular are whey, casein and soy protein. We offer all three, along with beef protein and veggie protein mixes.

Amino Acids

Amino acids help muscles repair themselves and reduces fatigue. Beta-alanine is one such amino acid, and taking these supplements can also increase your performance during training!

A study showed that taking 4 grams of beta-alanine per day for 8 weeks increased the lean body mass in college wrestlers and football players than those who did not take beta-alanine. Check out our Beta-alanine Carno Rush Mega Tabs and see the effects for yourself!

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) consist of three individual amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAAs are very important for muscle growth and make up to about 14% of the amino acids in your muscles. Check out our BCAA 1100 mega caps or our BCAA Xplode Powder to get started.

Weight Gainers

If you are struggling to eat enough, you’ll certainly not be able to put on muscle mass! That’s why ‘gainers’ have been designed to help you get enough calories and protein. Although the calorie content varies between gainers, they often contain over 1,000 calories per serving, making them perfect for people serious about building muscle.

The ‘Gainerator’ mixture, for example, includes 56g of carbs and 16g of protein per serving. They also come in a number of flavours!

Supplements are useful for bodybuilders who struggle to get enough protein, carbs and other nutrients naturally. If you’re not seeing results in your workouts, you might want to check them out!



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