Why You Should Consider Using A Rowing Machine

If you are looking for great ways to improve your health and fitness, you don’t necessarily need to go out on a 5 or 10 mile run. You could either join a local gym or even invest in some gym equipment for your home, like the Concept 2 rowing machine for instance.

Although you may not have considered it in the past, rowing is actual a very versatile and powerful form of exercise that targets the entire body. It can enhance your stamina and increase the functionality of your cardiovascular system  and help to build and tone up your muscles.

Losing Weight

Rowing is great form of working out because it burns calories very quickly, so if weight loss is your main goal, then adding this to your exercise routine is ideal. It is possible to burn off around 377 calories if you weigh around 185 lbs, 316 calories if you weigh 155 lbs or 255 calories if you weigh around 125 lbs. frequent rowing can help you work toward the daily calorie deficit that is integral to weight loss.

Benefits to Cardiovascular System

As it is an endurance style of exercise, rowing can also improve oxygen consumption and heart rate. With time, when you participate in this type of exercise it can improves the function of your cardiovascular system and as a result can lower the risk of stroke and heart disease. The resistance of most rowers can be adjusted, allowing anyone of any fitness level to use them. You can begin using one on the first level of resistance and then continue increasing the resistance as your fitness improves.

Building and Toning Muscle

Interestingly, rowing is a form of workout that includes the whole body and therefore works every important group of muscles. When you start a stroke you activate and engage your calf, hamstring, quadriceps and back muscles and as you continue a stroke, your glutes, wrist extensors and flexors, shoulder, chest, triceps and abdominal muscles are fully activated also. While as you finish a stroke, your obliques and biceps are put through hard work.

When you work at building and toning all of the muscles in your body, you can improve your day to day movement, while improving your energy, weight control, bone strength and reducing back pain.

It’s Convenient

Obviously, home gym equipment is incredibly convenient as it gives you all the benefits of machines you can use at the gym, without having to actually attend the gym. A sports rower though, when compared to other popular home fitness equipment like elliptical machines and treadmills, are much more compact and a lot cheaper. The majority of best rowing machines also benefit from a design that means they can be stored upright, to make it easier to store them away and saving you floor space when they are not in use.

You also have the convenience of using a rowing machine from the comfort of your own home, whenever you like as you are not tied to the opening times of the local gym. It can help you greatly to work out in front of the television while you watch your favourite shows, as it takes your mind off what you are doing. Compared to running or cycling, it also means that regardless of the weather you are able to do exercise with a rowing machine.

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