Benefits of Lat Pulldowns

It’s fair to say that lat pull downs are not the most exciting or especially impressive looking exercises. You don’t need excellent coordination or agility to perform them accurately. When you’re working with a lat pulldown machine you don’t have the same level of fierceness or gritty rawness that comes from performing a dead-hang pullup or a bent over barbell row. However, regardless of how easy it is to perform, and perhaps even because of it to some extent, there are many great ways that lat pulldown machines can benefit your workout routine. In the following post we’re going to look at some of the most important.

Like a Pullup Without the Strain

One of the reasons many people are put off by pullups and pullup bars is the thought of having to take the strain of lifting their body weight up. With lat pulldown machines however, you get the benefits of the pullup action, with a major twist. While performing a lat pulldown you are in a stationary position and it’s the weight that moves rather than you. So rather than having to lift your body weight up, you pull the weighted bar down to you. Therefore, giving you all the advantages of this great exercise move without the strain.

More Means Less

You’ve heard the phrase ‘more means less’, haven’t you? Well, that’s true when you consider the lat pulldown. As it’s an exercise that engages multiple joints with movement at your scapula, shoulders and elbows, you can work out a lot more than just one area or muscle group. In fact, you work a whole host of muscles performing just one complete lat pulldown, including your traps, rhomboids, rear delts, biceps and latissimus dorsi.

Easy to Adjust

If you’re looking to continue to increase your muscle size and shaping, you need to continue to overload your muscles and put them under greater strain. However, when you are looking to add more weight to an exercise, it is harder to do on pullups and barbell rows. With a lat pulldown machine though, it’s quick and easy. You just need to take the pin out of the stack of weights at the back of the machine and then reposition it under a newer, heavier weighty.

Adds Variety to Your Workout

Do you have a set routine of exercises, weight lifting reps and other activities you perform day in day out? Although you should be commended for your consistency and determination, you could be doing yourself a massive disservice. Repeating the same exercises all the time can lead to training plateaus, as well as both mental and physical boredom.

Adding other movements and exercises, like lat pulldowns, however, can help bring a bit of variety to your workouts. What’s more, with just lat pulldown machines you can perform a variety of different movements. Just by changing the handles and grips, you can alter the emphasis and feel of exercises. As well as ensuring that things stay interesting, it can also help with targeting different muscle groups to improve your overall toning.

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