Does the Maxi Climber Work?

Are you getting a little bored with your normal gym or home workout routine? Are you interested in adding something a little different to help make things interesting while targeting different muscle groups than you’re perhaps used to? Maybe you’re interested in taking up rock climbing or already have, but want something that works you out and builds strength for that pastime, without always meaning that you need to go to the side of a mountain or a climbing wall? The above are just some of the reasons why you might consider a vertical trainer like the Maxi Climber.

However, just like with any other exercise equipment, the one question you may want the answer to is – does a maxi climber work? In the following post we look at some of the benefits of using one. So, see for yourself whether it does or doesn’t.

Low Impact

Some exercises and equipment require you put a lot of pressure to make them work. The Maxi Climber and other vertical climbers like it are not one of them. This is a low impact machine. So, you can work out for longer on this kind of machine knowing you’re not going to do any serious damage to your body.

When using this kind of machine, your feet are never in contact with the ground, so there’s no unnecessary pressure placed on your knees, feet or hips. This also means that it will cause less vibrations that a treadmill or an exercise bike making it ideal for apartment training as it won’t annoy your neighbours as much. If you do live in a flat or apartment we recommend you pair this with a treadmill mat (check out some decent ones at to completely eradicate vibration noise.

Convenient and Compact

The problem with some home gym equipment and exercise machines is that they are very big and cumbersome. A vertical trainer machine like the Maxi Climber, though, is designed to take up as much space possible. Due to its vertical structure, most of the space it takes up is off the floor. It can be easily stored away in a corner, spare room or garage without taking up valuable space when it’s not being used.

All Over Muscle Toning

One of the biggest benefits of using a vertical climber is the fact that it does not just work one area of the body, like some other pieces of gym equipment. A vertical climber engages your lower body, core and upper body all in one fell swoop.

Increases Stamina, Balance and Coordination

Although vertical climbers are generally very easy to use, they can take some getting used to. Once you’ve mastered the movement though, you’ll see some real improvements to your stamina. There are different resistance settings that can be adjusted as you find it easier working at each level you can simply increase it a little more each time.

As well as improving your stamina and duration of workouts, you’ll notice that your balance and coordination improves too.

Not Overly Complicated

Another major downside of some more complicated and comprehensive gym equipment is that there’s a lot of effort and setup involved. With vertical climbers like the Maxi Climber however, there’s virtually no complicated setup, meaning you can just get on with your workout with little to no fuss at all. Something that many of us would find beneficial when you’ve got a busy schedule.

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