Focus T25 and GAMMA Total 14-Disc DVD Set

Most of us would admit we could probably do more to stay active and in good shape. For many of us though, it just feels like a bit of a drag having to work out. Finding the time and the motivation to drag yourself to the gym for a workout you know you’re probably not going to enjoy doesn’t seem like a very attractive prospect. If this is how you feel about working out, but you want to do something about it. Then, the Focus T25 DVD set could be just what you need to get you firing on all cylinders to lose weight and build muscle.

Let’s highlight the key features of this set that make it stand out.

Short Bursts of Exercise Instead of Long-Drawn Out Workouts

Taking inspiration from the incredibly popular Insanity workout plan, creator of the Focus T25 plan helps to show you how to get the best out of short bouts of exercise. The T25 refers to the philosophy behind this plan that you only need to work out for 25 minutes every day, no more no less.

Based on Studies and Research

This is not just some arbitrary number plucked out of nowhere. The 25 minutes is based on studies into different forms of workouts involving different workout durations. The findings show that you can burn roughly the same amount of fat doing higher intensity exercises for less time than longer workouts.

Perfect for Anyone with Only a Short Amount of Free Time

That’s one of the biggest benefits of this type of HIIT workout plan right there – it’s convenient and doesn’t take up too much of your time. You won’t need to buy out a couple of hours to get the best out of this workout plan. You just need those effective and powerful 25 minutes every day.

Everything You Need Is Including in One Handy Package

Another great benefit of the T25 and GAMMA 14-disc set is that you don’t just get the 14 DVDs containing the workouts, you get everything you need to get started as soon as it arrives. That includes a useful and informative quick-start guide, a ‘Get it Done’ nutrition guide to help you eat better to see better results and workout calendars to help you schedule your exercise regime and track your progress. You also get a high-quality B-Lines resistance band to help (required for some of the exercises).


So, rather than spend all that money on a gym membership that you know deep down you are never going to use, why not invest in something that might help you out? All you need is just 25 minutes every day to devote to it. Who doesn’t have 25 minutes they can spare? You could even, in theory, take it with you to your work and while you have a break or if you get into the office early, you could stick a DVD and work up a sweat.

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