The Rising Popularity of Home Gym Equipment

Do you currently have a gym membership? Perhaps we should ask a different question: did you have a gym membership before the covid-19 pandemic? If so, and many millions of people do, how often did you actually use it?

The attraction of going to the gym to workout and exercise is strong at first. However, once you’ve been a few times things get in the way. You have had a long day at work and really can’t be bothered to go to the gym afterwards. You have stuff going on at home, or you simply don’t feel like going.

That expensive gym membership suddenly becomes something you wish you’d thought more about. That’s the routine with many people who subscribed to a gym. With them largely being closed for the last year, however, great numbers of homeowners have come to realise that home gym equipment might be a better choice.

How do you build a home gym, what should you put in and where should it be? Before we look at those questions, let’s list some of the benefits of a gym in your home.

Benefits of Home Gym Equipment

What are the main benefits of a home gym? Here’s our list for you:

  • No gym fees or subscription needed.
  • No need to travel to and from the gym.
  • You can use the gym anytime you wish.
  • No need to book a slot.
  • You know exactly who has used the equipment and that is has been cleaned.
  • You set the budget and decide what to install.
  • All members of the household can use the gym.

Clearly there are definite benefits to creating your own home gym, so now let’s look at where you should put one and what to put in it.

Designing Your Home Gym

Where can you put your home gym equipment? There are two main options here: indoors, or outdoors. Many people have installed gym equipment in their yard or garden. This is a great idea if you have good weather for most of the year, but if not, you’d best find an indoor space.

A spare room is one choice should you have one available. However, we have found that most spare rooms are used as office space. If you have a basement with decent space that might be the ideal place for gym equipment. A garage is another good idea, or any outhouse that has sufficient space within it for you to exercise using your equipment.

We recommend you start with the basics – a set of pull-up bars, a bench, perhaps a set of weights and a cycling machine – and then add what you want as you go along. You might even want to check out smart gyms which have been very popular lately.

It’s worth considering a home gym and equipment as in the long run it will mean cost savings, and the convenience of having equipment in the home simply cannot be overstated.

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