Tips For Getting Better Sleep

Understand That Getting Enough Sleep Regularly Is Hard

Getting the right amount and quality of sleep each night can be hard.  An active lifestyle and work demands can keep you up while an excessively busy schedule will go on past your ideal bedtime.  The first step in getting better sleep is to understand that insufficient sleep is a problem that you need to put some effort into overcoming.

Know What Your Sleep Habits Are

Once you know that you need better sleep, you have to take the time to determine if there are any factors contributing to your poor sleep.  The best way to do this will be to keep a sleep diary for a week or 2.  This will reveal any patterns you have missed or practices that are not helping you sleep well.  These practices include watching TV before bed and drinking alcohol.  Once you know your sleep habits, you will be able to identify solutions and make the changes you need to for a good night’s sleep.

Prepare For Sleep

There are certain steps that you should take before going to bed that prepare you for sleep.  The most important is winding down around an hour or 2 before you go to bed.  This means that you do not exercise, worry about things or get into an argument during this time.  Meditation can help to calm you down and there are relaxation exercises that will unwind the body and prepare it for sleep.

Take Control Of Your Sleeping Space

A lot of our waking life is affected by technology and this threatens to cross into our sleep as well.  Devices such as tablets, phones, computers, gaming systems, and televisions are now found in the bedroom.  This is a problem as unrestrained use of them will cut into the time we should spend sleeping.  

It is important that you disconnect from the pressure of always being online and turn your devices off when it gets close to bedtime.  Your bedroom should only be used for sleep, recovering from illness or sex.  Any other non-sleep related activities should take place in another room of the house.  You have to take the time to create a sleep environment that is quiet, dark and comfortable if you want to get the best sleep. This includes your mattress, if you are tried to get a good night’s sleep on a lumpy old mattress it is never going to happen. Take a look at these Sleepys reviews and consider an upgrade.

Make Sleep A Priority

You need to make sleep an important part of your life and encourage your family to do the same.  You should also promote the importance of sleep to friends and around the workplace.  When you talk about healthy sleeping habits with others, you will reduce the interruptions from them when you are trying to sleep.

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